November 5, 2011

Xing, Our Mini Pinscher

She is Xing, our 1 year old female smooth-coated Red Mini Pinscher. Along with Chewy, our long-coat Chihuahua, Xing doesn't like so much water, she's also a bit afraid. But we need to regularly bath our pets and groom them. Mini  Pinscher originated from Germany, they are compact and average height is 10-12 1/2 inches. This type of dog is alert, fearless, highly active and outgoing.   

It takes less effort to groom Min Pin, just shampoo or bathe them once a week, they have short-haired coat that requires minimal brushing, clean their ears with a soft cotton and cut their nails weekly or every other week.
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cooking varieties (wan) said...

hi gillette, many thanks for your visit...
wow, you really like pets. i dont have any pets, can afford the time to take care of myself only :)

Gillette said...

We really love dogs that's why we have a lot! We also have a Rottweiler guard dog and another lapdog Chihuahua. :)