Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chewy is Taking a Bath

Chewy, our four year old female long-coat Chihuahua. She's more afraid to take a bath regularly compared to our other dogs, she shivers a lot, she doesn't like water so much :) !

What we do is bathing her with lukewarm water or sometimes we bathe her in our wash room and turn the heater on, ha ha ha what a classy dog!

She's really small so we need to scrub her tenderly, rub her face and scour her feet.

* * *


pinkmate said...

hello! thank you for visiting my blog. I was surprised and thankful when i received my first blogger award. honestly, i didn't expect it. hmmm tips or advise, well as i do it, i just write what i like and what i find interesting. I dont really copy other bloggers' posts, i make sure i have my own identity :)



lette's haven said...

Hi Vanessa! Thanks for your advise, I appreciate it! Stay sweet... :)

Jess said...

Naku ginawin ang aso mo! Kami madami guard dogs, shepherd, boxer at pitbull. Hirap din magmaintain no at ang lakas pa kumain.

Carl said...

@Jess kami naman mga small breed and pets namin, we have toy poodle, shih tzu and yorkie. Lahat ang hirap i-maintain!

lette's haven said...

Thanks for your comments, please visit my blog regularly and you may also follow me.

Pets are member of the family, love, care and cherish them! They are great friends, best defender and aminin kumikita din tau minsan sa kanila.

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