Sunday, October 30, 2011

Heavenly Triple Chocolate Roll

Triple Chocolate Roll

I know it's very chocolatety, luscious and sinful! Chocolate lovers will surely enjoy this great cake roll offered by Red Ribbon Bakeshop. A regular cake roll size that you can enjoy at 299.00php or 195.00php for a half roll.

Triple Chocolate RollTriple Chocolate Roll

Thick chocolate shavings drizzled with chocolate syrup on top of moist chocolate chiffon, covered with very smooth chocolate icing and chocolate filling inside. Did I mention the word "chocolate" five times..? Yes I did!!!

Triple Chocolate Roll

For me it's the best chocolate roll of Red Ribbon! The best part of the cake roll is the chocolate icing, it's as if melted chocolate bars are in it! Surely I will buy some more in the future to bring home to my family as a great treat.
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It really is! Thank u for visiting my blog! :)

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