August 11, 2011

Chewy after Taking Her Bath

It's time to dry her out.. Sometimes we use a conventional hair blower especially when the weather is cold and Chewy is shuddering badly. Now the weather is not so cold so a regular clean towel will do. Chewy is a long-coat Chihuahua, she doesn't dry easily with just one wipe of a towel, you need to scrub it a bit hard.

My sister who's drying Chewy pinches her every now and then, I can't blame my sister, Chewy is so irresistible and cute most especially after her bath. Chewy's coat is like a very soft cotton and very fragrant!

Bathe your pets regularly, at least thrice a week. They also need that to feel fresh, remove dirt and it lessens the possibility of having tick or flee. Enjoy bonding moment with your pets!
* * *


AyLin said...

Cute cute Chewy!

lette's haven said...

Yes she is Ms. Aylin! :))

Dianne said...

Ang cute naman ng pet mo! As in superrr cute talaga, kung ako meron nyan naku katabi ko sya sa pagtulog every night!

Marie said...

Ako din gusto ko sya itabi sa pagtulog! And she looks really mabait :)

lette's haven said...

Thanks @Dianne and @Marie for visiting my blog! Chewy is really mabait and malambing, and layas yan! Sometimes she goes with my mother at her office, we bring her at the mall and at our friends or relatives.