Monday, July 25, 2011

Toasted Anise Hair Color

Kolours Toasted Anise
I bought this Kolours hair color at Watson and costs 256.00php. Kolours is manufactured in the Philippines by Splash Corporation. This is not the first time I will dye my hair, actually it's the third time. First I tried Zen Auburn but since my hair is untreated/virgin it doesn't color that much. The second one I tried is Chestnut Brown, the result was better than the first time.

Now I choose Kolours Toasted Anise hair color for a brighter and much recognized shade.

The hair color kit contains Creme Colorant Tube, Colour Developer, 2 Conditioner Sachets, 1 Pair of Gloves and Instruction Leaflet.

Hair Color Kit

The instructions are easy to follow, and it is translated in English and Filipino. Basically you need to pour the Creme Colorant to the Colour Developer bottle, shake it and mix thoroughly.

Color SolutionColor Solution

Apply the mixture to the hair starting from the hairline. Continue with a downward sectioning until the roots and ends are completely covered. The leaflet says leave it for 30 minutes and rinse, but my aunt suggested that I can leave it for 1-2 hours to make the color penetrate more on my hair. Rinse your hair until water runs clear, apply the entire contents of 1 conditioner, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse.

Hair Coloring

The result... Astonishing red shade hair! I love my new hair!

Toasted Anise Hair ColorToasted Anise Hair Color

What do you think? You are the judge...

Toasted Anise Hair ColorToasted Anise Hair Color
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Anonymous said...

This hair color is so nice! I will hurry and go buy one! I want to be beautiful like the one in the pic

lette's haven said...

Thanks for the compliment! Hope you visit my blog regularly. =)

Anonymous said...

nice hair color! i'll try that soon! =D

Gillette said...

Thank you! But I have a different hair color now :) Clear hair color by L'Oreal. I haven't post it because it was done at the salon. Thanks for visiting my blog!

April said...

I just used this on my sister's hair! :) if you want a brighter color use two boxes of this!

Anonymous said...

i just tried that color today, but it didn't turn out well. in fact, my hair is still black :( i followed what's written on the leaflet, i waited for 40 mins before rinsing it :(

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