Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Lakwatsa pt. 2 - Harry Potter Movie Tickets & Gelatissimo

After we had lunch at Kamay Kainan, me and my sister headed to Trinoma Cinema to pay for the Harry Potter movie tickets that I reserved online thru To my surprise Trinoma Cinema now offers advance movie tickets for the last installment of Harry Potter and there are a lot of people early reserving for their tickets.

We go directly to the online reservation lane and surrendered the e-ticket that we printed couple of days ago. The teller then gives us our real movie tickets after paying the right amount. As usual the tickets has discount coupons of some resto, what we have is for Gelatissimo and Fish & Co.

'Gelatissimo Buy one scoop and get one absolutely free,' my sister had a big smile on her face and said we should avail the discount. We take some pictures with Harry Potter before going to Gelatissimo:

I had Mango Tango with Hot Nutella while Chocolate Sorbet for my sister. Mango Tango is superb, cool, tangy and a bit sour flavor combined with sweet and smooth Nutella chocolate.

According to my sister Chocolate Sorbet is sinful :-) very sweet and a little bitterness playing in your taste buds.

Perfect gelato for us... Gelatissimo!

We never forget to buy some pasalubong for our family, got Dunkin' Donuts and Jamaican Patties.

* * *

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