Sunday, November 27, 2011

Attack... Selecta Cornetto Disc

Selecta Cornetto DiscSelecta Cornetto Disc

Selecta Cornetto launches it's new variety. Delicious chocolate ice cream in a crispy wafer cone, topped with amazing real chocolate in disc shape with peanuts, chocolate syrup center filling and a chunk of chocolate at the bottom of the cone.

Selecta Cornetto DiscSelecta Cornetto Disc

My sisters wake me up this afternoon because they bought Selecta Cornetto Disc for each of us. Cornetto Disc has two flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate. They bought it in a mini grocery store inside our village that costs 25.00php, it's good that we can have it anytime we want and don't need to go to groceries or mall.

Selecta Cornetto DiscSelecta Cornetto Disc

Honestly it is a really good ice cream and not that expensive compared to other drumsticks or ice cream in cones. The chocolate ice cream is smooth and the sweetness is just right. The heavy chocolate syrup filling is very sweet and a bit bitter. Wafer cone is very crispy even tough it is frozen. The chocolate disc shape and chunk at the bottom of the cone has the same quality, I love it because it's not the ordinary and oily type of chocolate. You can share your any ice cream experience here, just comment below! :)
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[pinkc00kies] said...

looks yummy!!

Gillette said...

It really is YUMMY!!! :)

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