Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jamaican Patty Snack

One of my all time favorite snack, I can eat two of this in one sitting! Quite far nga lang sa area namin yun mga branches so we get a taste of it rarely. It was way back 2006 when I first tried this popular snack, my co-worker Benjo suggested that he can bought us Jamaican Patty on his way at the office. We had Beef Pinatubo Patty, it was very savory, the beef is tender, and wicked hot & spicy of course that's why it's named "Pinatubo" an active volcano that has the record of the largest eruption in living memory. Once tried your taste buds will never forget how it taste.

Saturday afternoon after having a movie at Trinoma Mall I bought a box of Jamaican Patty to bring home. Jamaican Pattie Shop & Juice Bar is located at Trinoma Cinema Level.

There's a lot of people that time buying for their snack, I was lucky to got a perfect picture of the store and their menu.

I got home at 5pm, snack time! I opened the box immediately and serve some to my family; fyi my mom really love this pasalubong from us. Jamaican Pattie is commonly found in Jamaica obviously, it is a pastry that has various fillings inside a shell, just like Empanada.

I bought 6 patties, 3 Beef Pinatubo and 3 Cheezy Beef. When you bought 6 patties or more they box your order. You'll also be given super hot sauce.... Really really hot!!! I'm not sure what type of chillies are in there, it might be the new world's hottest chili pepper Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper according to Guinness World Records.

The box is pretty, it has many writings. I read all of the writings in here, it says this was written by Jamaican Pattie's favorite customer, the article is so nice. It tells us how the writer have his first Jamaican Patty and a guide on how to eat it.

Jamaican Pattie Shops near you:

Next time you see this food stall or their restaurant try to taste this heavenly snack.

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