Monday, December 4, 2017

McFlurry with Oreo Matcha

We were in the talk of the town McDonald's branch in Tagaytay City when we tried their McFlurry with Oreo Matcha. Oreo Matcha Sundae plus the Taal Volcano view is just relaxing! They're right in saying that McDonald's Tagaytay is splendid, the view and fixtures were stunning. However, it was Bonifacio Day when went so the place is extremely crowded.

It was my first time to try a green-tea flavored ice cream, and McFlurry with Oreo Matcha didn't disappoint me. The fusion of Oreo cookie bits and green tea is perfect! Yes it's a bit sweet, just don't devour on it. McFlurry with Oreo Matcha price is ₱55. I cannot say anything else, I just love it!!!

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