Saturday, July 29, 2017


You are always looking for someone to serve as a role model that you can copy so you can become successful too. You are looking for rappers, politicians, celebrities, sports stars but most of them are fake. They are telling everyone that they are working hard, that they are doing good things for the community only to find out that some of them were bums too. Some of them were addicts, alcoholic, broke and mentally unstable.

If you want to have someone to look up to that you can copy and become successful too... look for the ants. Look at them, they just keep going and going and going. They don't care if you step on them, disturb them or disalign them. For as long as they are still alive... they will keep working and working because they know how to live well. They were very simple, single minded and all they want is to look for food so they have something to eat during rainy season. In other words , they are prepared for the storm, nothing can stop them, nothing can break them mentally.

They will bite you if needed, they will look for ways, they keep on moving forward. Even if an ant is alone... he is not even bothered, he will look for a way how to get food. He will do it on his own and find his way back home. He will never stop until he get something.

That is the mindset you need in life... you just need to keep moving forward, know what you want and relentlessly fight for it, work for it, grind for it. You don't need to think about anything else, just make the process simple and never stop until you succeed. Because you can always find a way if you really want it, you don't need to know how are you going to do it... just move and the right steps will be unfolded along the way.

Most of you were cry babies, you always look for what is missing in your life. You are looking for someone to idolized, you didn't know that a simple insect is better than you. You are always complaining how hard life is but look at the ants... no matter what challenge they face, they still keep moving forward.

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