Sunday, October 16, 2016


The right time to check for results is when you already put a lot of hardwork and not when you just worked for a couple of hours and sweat a little bit. It is when you are really tired and you almost wanted to give up.

Checking for results every now and then will only give you frustrations especially if you are not seeing any progress to what you are doing. It is just a waste of time, you should work and work until the end. Results will show itself if you already put in the required work needed, you don't have to look for it everyday.

Because by checking it everyday or every hour... you will only get slow, your improvement will always be delayed. So instead of checking it, just keep working.

You will get what you deserve. It is guaranteed, you don't need to ask for your reward or the fruits of your labor repeatedly because every effort that you exerted will be recognized. You will get the prize so just keep grinding and keep working until you become successful.

You don't need to check for results because results will come to you. Money will be attracted to you, opportunities will show on your way. Just have faith and never stop doing what you are doing. Just repeat and repeat until you become impossible to defeat.

You must do something because you love doing it and not for the reason that you love the results by doing it. Because if you don't love what you are doing... you will not be able to do it for a very long time, you will look for the finish line right away which will never happen. You will do it let's say for just a couple of weeks then you will quit if you didn't get the results that you are expecting.

So the technique here is just learn to enjoy the process because it will give you happiness. Just keep on working because the real reward is the work itself. Come to think of it, you work for a very long time just to get the dream car and dream house that you are dreaming of, and when you get it, did your happiness last? The answer is no right? you will look for another goal, suffer again and when you get it you will look for another goal again. So the key here is just enjoy the process and consider the reward as a bonus. Because if you don't get the reward, you will think that all of your efforts were wasted, which is a bad thing to do.

But what if you think that you are already successful while you are working, what do you think will it bring to your life? The answer is it will give you a forever happiness. Look at those rich people who keep on getting rich, why are they not stopping even though they don't need to work anymore? it is simply because they love what they are doing, they don't care about the prize or the money anymore, all they care is making progress each day and doing the work, that is why they were so unstoppable, they enjoy every movement that they do.

The real meaning of success is falling in love with your work, not the result itself. Because once you fall in love with the process, your potential will become unlimited. You will never have to worry about making results anymore because you will feel successful everytime you make a move.

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