Friday, October 14, 2016


If you are on your journey of pursuing your goal and your goal is too big, someone will wish you to fail, someone will hope for your falter. I don't know why but maybe they were just jealous because they can't pursue their own goal. Maybe they see something from you that they can't see from themselves. Well, this is a weak move, hoping for someone's lost is a very big sign of weakness and cowardice. After all, they were not even the better person if you fail. Their life remains the same, your failure didn't do them any good.

I don't know why people becomes happy if they see someone struggling and failing. They feel victorious from someone's defeat. The question is... they did gain anything after seeing someone failing? Did they become a better person?

Even if you hate someone, don't pray for his failure instead just work for your own success. Because the more time you waste watching someone's journey, the lesser you give yourself a chance to become successful. Hating someone will just make you a weaker person because your focus is on other people's journey and not on your own,

Successful people never pull anyone down, instead they were helping other people to reach the top because they knew that there is nothing to be jealous of with other people's success because they believe that success is to be shared and not to be selfish about.

So if you find yourself wanting other people to fail then it means you are in the wrong mindset. Your being jealous is what stopping you from being successful. You should work for your own success and focus more on yourself so you will not be able to hate other people. Always keep in mind that successful people's mindset is to help other people to succeed and if you don't have that kind of mindset then it simply means you are not successful yet and you will not become successful if you will not change your attitude.

Even if you don't admit it, you are weak because you are not taking actions, instead you are watching other people to fail and you love it to death, how funny was that? You want them to fail because you are too scared to fail that is why you don't want to try. You want to see other people's failure and called them weak because you want to look good, clean and maintain your unblemished record. A record without lost but also doesn't have any win.

If you can't wish for someone's success then don't wish for their failure. Just be quiet and do your own thing. See for yourself if you can win.

And if you are the person who's being hated by others and people are wishing for your failure, just focus on your journey, nevermind what they say because if you argue with them... you will lose your focus, you will not be able to move fast. You will be able to absorb their negative energy. You will feel bad about what they say and that will make you slow, you will not become loose anymore, you will become conservative and hesitant.

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Anonymous said...

Good words! Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

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