Sunday, October 16, 2016


You can become very powerful by having a little power, powerful in the sense that you can somehow control the situation and you can make your own choices. Because that is what power really means, having to choose what you want and having the ability to walk away if you don't like the choices being presented.

Let's say you are a self employed person, you can become powerful in your own way. If you have a little money that is good for one month or two then you can choose what jobs to do. If you don't like what is being offered at the moment then you can reject it and feel no regret about it because you knew you have money in your pocket, you knew you will never become hungry. That is the beauty of having a little power, you feel powerful at the moment, you can cherry pick things and decide what is the best for you. Even if the client is rich, even if he has more money than you, if you don't like what he has to offer then you can reject him, it means you are more powerful than him because of your ability to walk away and not following orders from people that you don't like. With your little money giving you confidence, you over power a person that that has more money than you.

Another scenario is drinking with friends, if you are always being bullied by someone everytime you drink with them, you should show a little power so they will give you respect, it is either you buy the drinks or food. It is not a good idea but it somehow give you an authority that you should be treated well or else you will pull out your contribution, But if you really can't stand drinking with other people then it is time for you to walk away. You have your own money, you can buy your own drinks, it is either you drink at home by your own or you invite few people that you really like and drink together, and of course it is your treat because you are the host. It is not about buying them, it is about enjoying your options and choosing the people whom you want to associate yourself with.

There is no small or big power, the real power is having the ability to use the power you have and use it for your advantage. The real power is inside of you, you can never feel inferior if you know who you are. You can walk away anytime if you don't like the situation and feel nothing about it. The real power is how you feel. If you can feel good even if people are not treating you right then you are powerful. If you can feel good in an uncomfortable situation then you are also very powerful. Power is how you perceive it. You can have power from money or position but the best power is coming from inside of you. It is about imposing your will without forcing anybody and letting them know that nothing is valuable to you. Real power is having the ability to detach from something if it is not doing you good anymore. Real power is having the ability to control your emotions.

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