Monday, October 10, 2016


If you want to stop a negative habit in your life then you must always be aware that you are doing it. In other words, your mind should be cautious of what is going on with your life. You should be aware that you are doing this and doing that and then decide if you will still do it or not. You are still engaging with your bad habits because you've done it done it for so long that it becomes an auto pilot in your system. You don't need to think about it, you don't need to do something about it... you just do it. And that is why you can't stop doing it.

If you've been biting your nails everytime you feel guilty for ten years then you don't need to think about it everytime you feel guilty. You will just bite your nails without even knowing that you are biting it. That is why it is hard to stop a habit because it is already installed in your system and it will run automatically everytime it is triggered.

So the question is this, do you really want to stop a bad habit and change it with more productive one? if the answer is yes then keep reading but if not then close this web page and go ahead and continue your bum life.

Be aware of your emotions. Everytime you feel stressed or uncomfortable then you will do something. It is either you leave or you will act stupid. You will do stuffs like biting your nails or playing with your hair, sweating, being confused, mumbling your words, fanning with your clothe etc. etc. The very important key is to be aware if you feel uncomfortable or not, don't try to escape the situation, feel the negative emotion and relax your mind. If you feel uncomfortable then you will do something to escape that feeling, it means you are in a state of fear, you will search for a situation that is not threatening.

So if your bad habit is procrastination, it simply means you don't want to feel the emotion that a pending task will give you. That is why your mind goes into an auto pilot mode then it will look for a more easy situation. Things like watching TV, playing video games, going back to sleep, doing other tasks. These are the things that you automatically do. It is because you are not aware that you are doing these things. You just wanted to feel good that is why you put yourself in a more comfortable situation.

Look at the smokers especially the chain smokers... they automatically do it, they don't need to think about it. After eating they smoke, when they are shitting they smoke, when they feel stressed they smoke. When something triggers their bad habit... they will lit a cigarette right away. They don't need to think about it, they just do it. They were not aware that they are doing it because they do it everyday, it is like a muscle memory.

So if you really wanted to get rid of a bad habit then you must be aware that you are feeling bad, be aware that your emotions are controlling you. Be aware of fear, be aware if you are seeking for comfort because that is when you turn into an auto pilot mode. Your negative emotions are pushing you to stay away from the moment and find activities that will help you forget your fear.

Always be ready to embrace stress if you really wanted to change. Just think that everything is alright and that it is normal if you are feeling bad. Never try to replace your negative emotion because if you do it then change won't happen. Be comfortable feeling bad because emotions are not forever, it will be gone in a while. Studies reveal that it only takes 2 minutes to get rid of a negative emotion or even lesser. You can get rid of it by simply thinking about the bigger things if you don't let yourself get controlled by negative emotions. Breathe deeper, appreciate life and you will be able to do more productive things.

You engage with bad habits because you wanted to escape problem but that is not the solution. The solution is to simply stay with the situation and alter your perception. Think more positively, do something productive. Stop asking for the help of addictive substance or addictive and useless activities to help you feel better because it will only make you feel better for a short period of time then you will feel bad again. You will be trapped in a cycle that is very hard to escape from.

If you really wanted to change then be ready to face your dark side, be ready to accept that you are doing bad but you are also doing something to make yourself better. Just stay focus on feeling bad, don't fight it, don't be scared of it, just be ok with it. As soon as you master dealing with your negative emotions then you will be able to stop your bad habits and live a more peaceful and productive life.

The conclusion is... you can only stop it if you are aware that you are doing it. If you are aware that you are watching TV because you don't want to do your pending tasks then you will be able to decide if you will still watch TV or not. If you are aware that you are sweating, feeling low, feeling weak because you think that people around you were stronger than you then you will be able to think deeply if you really need to feel that way, you will also think that does it matter if they were stronger than you, does it matter if they outclass you?

You have the power to do things then it only means you also have the power to stop things. You are powerful, you are better than your present situation. You can be more, you can be the best if you are aware of what is going on with your life.

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