Thursday, October 13, 2016


Being the first and being the last is a very good position in life. It will bring you success, it will bring you to another level. Your momentum will become very strong and you will build a habit of winning. It is just a matter of waking up early, showing up early and going home late, as simple as that. It is simple but very hard to do but will give you priceless results. Be the first and be the last in everything, that is how you should play the game called life.

1. Being the first in the gym and being the last to leave. Most people are very late in the gym and very early to leave that is why they produce zero results. They just go there just to meet people or make themselves believe that they are doing something to improve their health. The worst is they are only doing it 2 days or three days a week. Well it is not bad but it will not build a very strong habit of doing it everyday no matter what. If you just do something 2 or 3 days a week then you will allow yourself to make an excuse not to do it on any given day if you feel bad or if you have a mood swing or something. Be the first on the gym, be early, be earlier than the caretaker of the gym and also be the last one to leave. If you really want to achieve something then you should do something that nobody can do. You should be a workaholic, an animal that will never stop until he gets what he wants.

2. Being the first to try something new and being the last one to quit. If you are this type of person who will try his ideas right away and will stick to it no matter what then for sure you will succeed. Most people will never express their own ideas because they were so afraid of failing, they were so afraid of being wrong and that is why they live wondering forever, wondering what could have happened only if they try to fulfill their dreams.

Some people will also try but will never try until the end. If you are one of these people who will try until the end then for sure you will get what you want. Once you have an idea in your mind and no one has tried it yet because it is too risky, do it! Do it first and be the last to quit. So to make the story short, you should start fast and work until the end. Be the last one who will work, never stop until you are done, that is how to get things done.

3. Be the first to move on. If there is a recession in your country and you are one of these people who lost their job then be the first to move on. Take actions right away, look for a job right away. Most people were so dramatic, they will complain to the government, they will make strikes, they will whine and cry like a bitch. If you can move fast and look for a job right away they you were already a hundred steps away from them, you already built a huge lead from them. Life is all about competition, if you are not competitive and cannot make decisions fast then you will lose. Be the first one who can handle your own emotions and make the right decisions, being quick has a big advantage. And the reality is... whether you feel good or not, you still need to move so what is the difference? Don't get caught up with the depression so much, you need to move in order to replace the negative feelings that you are feeling for the moment.

4. Be the last to retire. Some people who just earn pretty decent money will retire very early. Look at the players on the NBA, some players there will retire even if they were only 35 or 37, some even retire at the age of 32 and 33 only to find out in the end that they are making a comeback because they were already broke. If you still have strength, if you still can manage to compete then never retire. If you know that you can still produce results then never retire. Legends only retire if they already given everything, if you haven't given all you've got yet then keep working. Because in the end, you will miss working and you will wish to work but you can't anymore. Rest if you need because sometimes that is all you ever needed to clear your mind. Rest but never retire.

5. Be the last to change your mind. Most people will change their mind once they feel that there is something wrong in what they are doing. They will change their mind once their business is going down, they will change their mind once the going gets tough. They change and change until they didn't accomplish anything. Don't be one of these people whose mind is very easy to change. You have to stick to the end until you claim your victory, you have to stick with the process. Face all the challenges, be good at dealing with it. Because if you have a made up mind then every impossible thing will succumb to you. You're like a bamboo that no matter how strong the wind blows... it never fall, it keep on standing until the wind cannot blow anymore.

In this competitive world, it is either you are the first or you are the last, it is better if you can do both. Being the first will give you a very strong momentum, being the last will give you satisfaction. So the conclusion is move as fast as you can and stay for so very long, if you can work until you die then much better.

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