Monday, September 5, 2016


People who thinks that attending self improvement seminars and listening to high paid coaches about life will really make their lives improve. They thought that once they read all the ebooks, watch the DVD's and listen to audio books then their lives will improve and they can become the person that they want. It so funny because according to research 92.8% of people who were attending self improvement seminars never apply what they learned. They were there to listen, they were pumped up once they hear something from the motivational speaker but when they go home and action is needed to be done... they just sleep, they were making excuses such as "I am too tired", "tomorrow I will do this, I will start fast and make a very good run". Until they find themselves trapped again in a rat race.

It's sad to know that a lot of marketing scammers were abusing people who needs self improvement. But not all, there are still some good people who are for real and really wanted to help. But most of these guys just wanted your money. And for me, if you really wanted to help then your help should be free. Although there are still some self improvement guys that gets paid really care and wanted to help but there are only few of them so you better be careful whom to seek for help.

How to spot a real deal:

1. The self help instructor should be very successful. Never listen to someone who's just pretending that he is some kind of a successful human being. If this guy has no proof of having a huge success then don't ever listen to him. Listen to someone who's been there before. Someone who's done this and done that, a person with a lot of experience and achievements. Never believe someone who cannot even show some proofs of doing some great things. There are many posers on the market that will make you believe just to get your money. So be careful because they will not offer you money back guarantee. Once they have your money they will be carefree.

2. The guy should be preaching hardwork and not easy money. To make their words even more attractive, they will not preach hardwork, instead they will preach easy money and easy life. Of course people will be easily attracted to an easier path that is why they will blind you with their riches that you don't know if legit or not. They will tell you that you can achieve riches in a very short period of time if you will believe what they say. And if you want to know the truth, go ahead and try their methods, you will see that you will fail in the end. You will see that they are nothing but frauds who were just good in talking and promises.

3. The self help preacher should have a record of working hard for so many years. You should study his background, you should check if he have done something for a very long time, let's say a minimum of 5 or 7 years. If that guy is working on his own project for a very long time then we can say that he is legit. A lot of fakes will easily give up when they feel that they are not succeeding. They will quit once money is not entering their lives. Fake people will only work if they are very sure that they can become successful. If the one who's teaching you is just a newbie in the business then you better think twice if you will believe him or not.

Self improvement should not start from the outside instead it should start from the inside. You are the one who will solve your own problem, you will be the one to discover yourself. You can find your inner strength by fully committing to your own journey. And speaking of journey, anyone can become successful in his journey without help from others. What if your so called mentor is not teaching you the right thing or his teachings is not compatible to your style, will you still follow him? Some mentors will even derail your success, yes maybe they are teaching you the right things but not every right things is right for everyone. Some of his methods may not work for you. So you better create you own method and trust it until the end.

Self improvement is already happening once you are committed to it. You don't need to look for ways because ways will be revealed naturally. Just do a basic thing that you know will make your life improve, do it everyday and see the results entering your life. Watch your transformation slowly, never rush things because having that kind of mentality will make you fail.

It is just being patient and being consistent. That is how simple self improvement is. You don't need to learn a lot of tricks, you just need to trust the process. In whatever areas of your life that you want to improve, you just need to do something for it everyday, even if the action is just little and looks like not making an impact, you still have to do it. Do it a million times and let's see if you will not improve.

For example, you need to improve your confidence, you don't need to attend millions of hours of seminars to have confidence. Just copy what confident people does and do it despite of being scared. Just type in the google search box the best tips for being confident and what you see first... do it. Do it over and over again until you feel that you are becoming more confident everyday.

Never get sick and tired of doing it and never doubt the process. Once you stop doing the process then self improvement will also stop. You should do it everyday no matter what, you have to stick with it until the end. Your faith should be very strong, knowing that you will get the reward in the end. Einstein says that doing the same process over and over again and expecting different results is insanity. That quote only applies in experiments such as mixing oxygen and water and doing it a million times and expecting that every test will give different results. It only applies in formulas.

What if you do 200 push ups everyday? do you think your strength will remain the same? do you think you will reach a level of strength and then improvement will not continue anymore even if you keep on doing it? Of course not, doing it over and over again will keep producing different results, your level of strength will always go up and you will not stop going stronger everyday. In other words you will always become better that yesterday even if your process is just the same.

Trust the numbers, trust repetition, that is the key to evolution. Keep on banging the door until it opens. Keep on hammering a rock until it breaks,

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