Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dinagyang 2016: Tribu Baybayanon

Tribu Baybayanon of Melchor L. Nava National High School got the 4th runner-up in the Dinagyang 2016 Festival Ati-Ati Tribe Competition. The notable thing that I saw from this tribe's performance was their props, especially the Bahay kubo, their shields, and murals.

My family and I prepared early for this colorful event; we were out from our hotel before 6:00 AM. My father was worried that we'd encounter traffic and lots of people cramming to go to the venue that's why we leave early. We arrived at Mabini-Delgado Street Venue at 6:30 AM, the Ati-Ati Tribe Competition started at 8:30 AM. We were so early, so we ate breakfast near the venue, there were lots of food that you can buy, from fastfood, eatery, and local restaurants. Dinagyang 2017 schedule.

Here were the other tribes' performances:
                                                            Tribu Dagatnon         Tribu Atub atub
                                                            Tribu Ilonganon         Tribu Buntag Tala
                                                            Tribu Salognon          Tribu Panayanon
                                                            Tribu Obrero              Tribu Pan-ay
                                                            Tribu Paghidaet

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