Thursday, June 7, 2012

NBA Game 5 Eastern Conference Finals Boston vs Miami

I watched the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 5 earlier via our local TV channel here in the Philippines. It was more or less one quarter delay than the actual game, but that's okay because we don't have subscription to cable channels. I was already working when the game started at around 9:30am PHT so I skipped the first half of the game.

NBA 2012 Eastern Conference Finals Game 5 was held at the Miami Heat home court, American Airlines Arena. Even though they are on their home as Coach Erik Spoelstra mentioned, still Celtics beat the Heat now lead 3-2 in the best of seven series. 

The plays that stand out are Paul Pierce's 3-point shot in the last minutes of the game that leads Celtics to 4 points, Brandon Bass was blocked by Dwayne Wade, but Rajon Rondo gets the ball and made an spectacular assist to Mickael Pietrus for 3 points and of course Rajon Rondo's uncountable assist to KG's big slams.

Kevin Garnett was the Best Player of the game with 26 points, 11 rebounds and 2 assists. Below are the other stats of each team:

Boston Celtics
34 Paul Pierce        19-PTS | 4-AST | 4-REB
5 Kevin Garnett      26-PTS | 2-AST 11-REB
20 Ray Allen           13-PTS | 0-AST | 7-REB
9 Rajon Rondo        7-PTS 13-AST | 6-REB

Miami Heat
6 LeBron James      30-PTS 2-AST 13-REB
3 Dwyane Wade      27-PTS | 3-AST 6-REB
15 Mario Chalmers   9-PTS 3-AST 4-REB
1 Chris Bosh            9-PTS | 0-AST 7-REB

I enjoyed the game so much, I'm happy with the result and honestly I was inspired to work, to blog and to do more stuff today. P.S. Miami Heat is my second favorite NBA Team! :) 

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