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SM City Fairview Book Festival: E-book and the Pinoy Reader

SM City Fairview Book FestivalSM City Fairview Book Festival

Books are always great, you can learn, explore, have fun, and enrich your knowledge. I describe myself as not an avid book reader but I read and love books! The types of books that I read are motivational such as Who Moved My Cheese and The Maverick Mindset, fictional books like Harry Potter and Twilight series, and of course our very own Tondo Man May Langit Din and Bob Ong books. 

SM City Fairview Book Festival
SM City Fairview held a 5-day Book Festival Event at The Annex Atrium. What is a Book Festival? It's a gathering of readers, book authors, and book lovers; that showcases different activities and presentations. I have attended the Ebook and the Pinoy Reader event last March 13, 2012 which features An Open Discussion about Digital Publishing Empowering the Visually-Impaired through Braille-Reading.

SM City Fairview Book Festival
At the event venue entrance, anyone can register and attend the said event. And also if you are busy to attend the more than 1 hour event you can participate in the cute activity that the Book Festival offers us. You just need to write your name, email address and contact number on the registration forms, Like the SM City Fairview Facebook Page (the organizers do have a laptop so you can Like the page there), write your favorite book and author in a sticky note and at the back of it also write your name and age, and then you'll get a FREE Bookmark after you have completed the mechanics. 

SM City Fairview Book Festival
There are a lot of people who joined this pretty activity, look at that colorful and cute arc, it has lots of sticky notes.

There are a lot of books displayed in the event venue. You can actually check, scan and roughly read it. There are children's books, activity books, magazines, motivational, novel, inspirational, fictional, and many types of books that you can choose from. What I like about it is there are cozy and little couches and bean bags for the kids which anyone can use. Below are photos of the books showcased at the Book Festival.

SM City Fairview Book Festival
SM City Fairview Book Festival
SM City Fairview Book Festival
SM City Fairview Book Festival

The program started with a very warm greeting by the program host, Ms. Mara Aquino. She is lovely, energetic and a fun host.

SM City Fairview Book Festival

First up was the brief history of Louie Braille and the Braille System which was narrated by the host. It tells how the Braille System started, who made the genius way for the visually-impaired people to be able to read, tackles Braille books and organizations, and many more.

SM City Fairview Book Festival

E-Books and the Filipino Reader presentation was next and it was presented by Honey de Peralta of Flipside Publishing Services Inc. The presentation tackles how E-book works, the devices we can use to read E-Books, publishing of E-Books, E-Book formats, how we can buy or get E-Books for free and many more. The attendants had a chance to use E-Book readers like Nook and Kindle.

SM City Fairview Book Festival

Ms. Honey de Peralta is a good speaker, she describes and explain things in a very easy manner that all people would understand and relate to the topic. 

SM City Fairview Book Festival
Honey de Peralta
It has also a part on the event that anyone can ask questions and give their personal feedback or suggestions.

SM City Fairview Book Festival
After the presentation, SM City Fairview Book Festival staff gives little tokens or goodies for 6 people who attended the event. And here are the lucky winners:
SM City Fairview Book Festival
Then the awarding of plaque of appreciation for the speaker, Ms. Honey de Peralta and other participants of the event such as National Bookstore, PCBS, Precious Pages, Dunkin' Donuts, and many more. The award was given by Mr. April D. Matulac and Mr. Jan Archibald S. Ragos of SM City Fairview Marketing. 
SM City Fairview Book Festival

The event was really a success because we, the audience understand and enjoyed it. We have a new learning and good experience to cherish. Thumbs up for all the organizers, staff, speakers, and for all the people that's behind this huge and successful event.

SM City Fairview Book Festival

Thanks SM City Fairview in bringing us this fun learning and significant event. The whole Book Festival at The Atrium SM City Fairview event was superb!!! I'll be waiting and attending for your future events like this.
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Norbert Mercado said...

Hello Gillette,

Here are the links to some of my books.

72 Hours In Moscow

After The Summer Rain

The Children of Mars

Even The Grass Bleeds

The Last Romanov


The Winter is Young

I hope some of you will be able to enjoy these.

Thank You,


Gillette said...

Thank you for viewing my blog... I hope u had a good time reading it :)

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