Saturday, March 17, 2012

Paula Bianca Album Launch at SM City Fairview The Atrium

Album Launch at SM City Fairview

While strolling at the mall with my sisters this afternoon, we witnessed some parts of Paula Bianca's self-titled debut Album Launch at SM City Fairview The Atrium. Paula Bianca is a young, pretty, glam rock gal and comes from the Cuneta clan.

Album Launch at SM City Fairview

She sang one of my favorite rock song, Sweet Child o' Mine by Guns N' Roses, and she sang it beautifully. Her album has total of five tracks, that includes original and revival songs.

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Happy weekend everyone! Keep having fun!!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lette! Thank you for featuring me in your blog. I think you are the first person to write about me who isn't with the media. (you're not from media, aren't you? Hehehe.) At any rate, I'm really glad that you enjoyed my rendition of Sweet Child O' Mine. It's one of my favorite songs from Guns N' Roses. Til then, take are and God bless you always! - Paula Bianca

Gillette said...

Hi Paula Bianca! Thank you for viewing my blog post. I'm surprised that my simple blog gets into your attention. I'm not from media :) Best of luck with your career and God Bless!!! GiLette :)

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