Thursday, December 29, 2011

KFC Double Down, The Zinger Way

Double Down Sandwich is a very unique and smart product of KFC. I remembered just this year 2011 that they launched this wonderful product in the Philippines, the Original Double Down Sandwich. Now they have a new twist of this bunless sandwich, KFC Zinger Double Down Sandwich, same thing with the Original but it's spicy hot and very crunchy. The Zinger Double Down Meal with a regular drink costs ₱150.00.
Zinger Double Down is a bunless sandwich, bacon, cheese and mayo dressing is sandwiched between two very crunchy and spicy hot big chicken fillet. I thought I can finish it early but I'm wrong because it's huge, the chicken fillet are big and can really full your tummy easily. I love the spicy kick in it, it brings more madness and wanting to finish it! The bacon, cheese and mayo is a perfect combination with the hot and spicy chicken Zinger!

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