Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's your rainy day food?

So cold weather, just want to sleep all day, watch tv or dvd movies, reminisce or just cuddle on your bed. I love the misty feeling everywhere, the cool surrounding and what I want the most is eat something hot and comfty.

What's your comfort food during rainy days? While I'm working tonight I stopped thinking what will I get for my midnight snack, and my imagination started to work...

For breakfast or mirienda:
1. Miswa Noodle Soup with Patola and/or Sardines *light and smooth noodles sometimes served with egg

2. Champorado (Chocolate Rice Porridge) *boiled sticky rice and flavored with tableas de cacao which are bitter-sweet chocolate tablets mixed with milk and sugar, best with danggit, tuyo, or dilis

3. Congee *rice porridge popular in Asian countries, boiled rice in large amount of water 

4. Arroz Caldo *Spanish influenced congee and is usually spiced with saffron and black pepper

5. Goto *congee served with beef tripe or tuwalya ng baka

6. Chicken Mami *round noodles in a light broth soup with white chicken meat

7. Beef Mami *round noodles in a light broth soup with tender beef brisket

8. Sotanghon Soup *thin and almost transparent noodles in chicken broth soup

9. Sopas *macaroni noodles in broth soup mixed with milk veggies and meat

For lunch:
1. Tinola

2. Nilagang Baka

3. Sinigang na Baboy or Hipon

4. Bulalo

Back to reality =) can't grab or prepare any of these delicious soups at this late hour. What I have here is instant noodles, quick and easy to prepare. Lucky Me! Beef Spareribs, yum yum!

* * *


AyLin said...

I want BULALO for rainy season and champorado as well. :)

lette's haven said...

thanks Aylin for your comment! I just started blogging last month, hope you can give me tips on how to make my blog beautiful and eye catching... thanks!!! ***

candz said...

my rainy food are munggo and tuyo or tinapa or daing

Gillette said...

I want Goto with fried tofu... ***Delish!

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