Friday, August 26, 2011

Dairy Queen Bar and Sandwich

Dilly Bar

I'm a little behind because this is the first time I tried Dairy Queen's Dilly Bar. I'm a fan of their Blizzards and MooLattes.

Dilly BarDilly Bar

A Dilly Bar costs 39.00php or $0.93 each, you can also buy 6 bar in a box that you can take home for your family or friends, but be sure to take it home right away to avoid melting. Thick and amazingly creamy vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate. A nice and light dessert for me after any meal! :)

DQ Sandwich

My best-friend Arcelie had DQ Sandwich, she preferred the less sweet dessert. It also costs 39.00php or $0.93 and available for box order as well.

DQ SandwichDairy Queen

DQ Sandwich is almost the same as Dilly Bar except that it is nestled between two chocolate wafers instead of chocolate coating. According to Arcelie it also taste good just less sweet and the wafer is lightly crunchy.

That's Arcelie and me enjoying our treats!!! :)
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Anonymous said...

Is this price the actual cost or the selling price? Im organizing an event and would like to know how much i am actually ppaying per bar before i order

Anonymous said...

is this the actual wholesale cost of the dilly bar or is this what they are sold for. I am organizing an event and am receiving 10% off each box of 6. Thanks!

Gillette said...

This is the regular price of Dilly Bar and DQ Sandwich. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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