Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Barquillos is Splendid

Oh my another Philippines Best delicacy!!! Philippines offers a lot of yummy food, every island has a different and one of a kind delicacy. Barquillos is one of Iloilo's Best! Barquillos is a thin-rolled wafer which is made using a Barquillera, a wafer iron. I watched a short docu before about Iloilo's Barquillos, it is done by many Ilonggos manually by their hands. A thin batter is poured onto the very hot wafer iron and then rolled using a metal stick while it's still hot. Imagine the heat that they are experiencing while making this delightful delicacy.

My mother went home with this splendid pasalubong for us. These Barquillos are different from the one I tasted before because these are soft and slightly crispy, actually it can melt in your mouth!!! The Traditional Barquillos are crispy and the texture is not soft. The sweetness is just right, very very very soft and light! My mom just got home with one pack, so the whole family is wanting more!!! I created another delicacy post about Cebu's Dried Mangoes, you can view it here.

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