Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mini Bibingka at the Mall

I was a big fan of authentic bibingka when I was little, when Christmas Season arrives or Simbang Gabi I'm always searching for a bibingka stand near the church or in the neighborhood. The smell of burning banana leaf and coals awakens my senses, but nowadays I seldom saw a bibingka stand in our neighborhood. Good news, we can have bibingka even if it's not Christmas season and more accessible at the mall.

Bibingkinitan is the bibingka store inside most of the malls that we have in the metro. They have more than 200 locations in the whole Philippines. A box of 6-pieces bibingka costs ₱120.00 or $2.85 and 20.00 each. They have different bibingka flavors, Original, Macapuno, Ube, Pastillas, Crunchy Peanut Butter and they also offer Barako Coffee and Calamansi Juice. Bibingkinitan is derived from the words Bibingka and Balingkinitan which means thin or small. 

Bibingkinitan's bibingka is made from Galapong or rice flour and topped with salted duck egg, cheddar cheese strip, butter and sugar if you prefer. The taste is just right, it's not too sweet, it's soft and very moist inside, served very hot, the salted duck egg is perfect but the cheese strip is a bit hard and not that good, but in general it was good and yummy! Yes it is best paired with hot coffee during breakfast, snack time or even as a dessert.

Bibingka is a type of rice cake that has thee varieties and can be made from Galapong or rice flour, Malagkit na Bigas or glutinous rice and Cassava flour. It is cooked with coals over and on top, the result it was cooked evenly. Traditional bibingka toppings are cheese, grated fresh coconut, sugar, butter or margarine and salted duck egg.

My Rating for Bibingkinitan (5 ✰ is the highest)
Taste ✰✰✰✰     Price ✰✰✰✰    Place ✰✰✰     Staff ✰✰✰

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cooking varieties (wan) said...

hi gillette, the bibingka you crave so much does look very delicious.
may be you can try do and publish the recipe :)

Gillette said...

Oh my... I'm not that good in cooking but I will definitely try it! :)

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