Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mc Donald's Happy Meal for July

Mc Donald's Happy Meal offering for this month of July are Jewelpet by Sanrio / Sega Toys and Naruto Shippuden Toy Collectibles. Adorable pet bracelets for young ladies and action-packed toys for the boys!

One toy with every Happy Meal, you could choose from Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti, and Burger Mcdo, served with small Drink.

McDonald's Happy Meal

Naruto Happy MealNaruto Happy Meal

Naruto Dattebayo Headband, hang on your ear and shake your head and it says 'Datteba Yo!'
Naruto Rasengan Shooter, push button and the disk spins and pops out.
Sasuke Katon Shooter, push button and the disk spins and pops out.
Naruto Rasengan Ball, hold it and it glows blue.

Jewelpet Happy MealJewelpet Happy Meal

Collect these cool and cute toys!
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Anonymous said...

wow gotta have that toy!!!!

Skinny Love said...

why are the toys from macdonalds so boring in my country?! :c
ramdomly passed by your blog x)
xoxoMonstros no Armário

lette's haven said...

thanks for checking on my blog! here in the Philippines mcdonald's toys are lovable. sometimes they feature toys from a newly released movie like kung fu panda 2 or anime like pokemon. hope you visit my site regularly. thanks!

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