Friday, July 29, 2011

Incubus If Not Now, When Concert pt. 2


At 9:20pm Incubus welcome their avid fans with a big boom of Megalomaniac. The crowd is so lively, all are jumping on their feet, swaying their hands on the air, screaming and singing along with the band.

Here are the other songs that they performed chronological order:
Wish You Were Here
Pardon Me
Anna Molly
Love Hurts
Look Alive
Promises, Promises
The Warmth
Sick Sad Little World
Talk Shows on Mute
A Crow Left of the Murder
I Miss You
In The Company of Wolves
Nice To Know You

After they sang A Crow Left of the Murder they bid thank you to the Filipino fans and step out of the stage. We taught the concert was over but the lights are still off so the crowd was cheering hardly, screaming and saying "We want more!" "We want more!"After 5-8 minutes I think, they got back on the stage a perform I Miss You, In The Company of Wolves & Nice To Know You.

After the last song the say farewell, showed they gratitude to the crowd by their gestures and never forget to thank their fans.

Crowd favorites are Megalomaniac, Wish You Were Here, Anna Molly, Love Hurts, Circles, Promises Promises, Drive, Adolescents, I Miss You and Nice To Know You.

Our photos during the concert:

Incubus Concert ManilaIncubus Concert Manila

This concert is awesome, really love Incubus music. Super sulit ang bayad until the last peso! They sang 20 good songs, i thought it will be just 10-12 songs. Brandon Boyd (vocalist) is so good looking, serene face and a perfect body. Grabe bilib ako galing nila tumugtog, as if you're just listening to their album! 

The band's energy is so extremely high! Brandon Boyd is dancing and swaying his body all the time. They had almost 2-3 minutes break only after every song. I just thought Jose Pasillas (drummer) might get hurt his hand for playing the drums for a long time.

Next time they'll be here manonood uli ako! :)
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