Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Eduardo's Peri-peri Flame-grilled Chicken

I had heard about Peri-peri Chicken in the metro for a while now; however this is just my first time to try it. There are considerable number Peri peri chicken restaurants in Metro Manila, most of it are in Quezon City, but you can also find it in San Juan City, Mandaluyong City, Pasig City, and ParaƱaque City. What is a Peri-peri chicken? Based on what I researched, Piri piri or Peri peri is a type of chili which can be found in Africa and South American countries. The dish itself was said to originate in both Africa and Portugal, it's a very spicy dish, and chicken is marinated for many hours and then grilled.

 Let me give you a peek of Eduardo's Peri-peri Flame-grilled Chicken and other dishes! First stop is their Peri peri Quarter Chicken Leg served with rice which costs ₱129. The grilled chicken was cooked evenly, the meat is still juicy inside, and the outer part was cooked perfectly with a little crisp but not burned. The taste was good, it's not too spicy for me because I have a high tolerance to spicy food, the flavor was dynamic, and I loved it!

Next is Eduardo's Portuguese Paella topped with Chicken Fillet costs ₱129. I think it has the same way of cooking the chicken, the difference is the Paella. If the Peri peri Chicken flavor was dynamic for me, nothing compares to the flavor of Paella, it burst a wide flavor in your mouth. 

Eduardo's Black Smashed Burger costs ₱150, Angus beef patty in a black charcoal bun with truffle mayo, mushrooms, cheese, smoked bacon, and slaw. The patty was so juicy, everything on the burger compliments each other, if you're thinking that the bun has its own taste or anything; the answer is no, it taste like any other ordinary bun except that it's black.

 Eduardo's Baby Back Ribs was my favorite among these five dishes!!! Baby Back Ribs Quarter Combo Meal costs ₱109. The marinate taste different from the Peri-peri Chicken. It's soooo delicious, the smokey flavor was amazing, moist, and so tender!!! The price, taste, and serving portion; it's all good!!!

Eduardo's MacBac & Cheese is a side dish that costs ₱60. I know it's a side dish, but the serving size is lesser than what you expect from a side dish. It's not a usual Macaroni and Cheese, it has a dab of paprika and other spices in it.

We dine at Eduardo's Peri-peri Flame-grilled Chicken SM City Fairview branch. The place was just right, it's not small or too big, it has picturesque walls, industrial modern vibe, and low lighting concept.

Pros: food was good and the place is very accessible.
Cons: service is a bit off, we waited longer for our food, and serving portions were lesser than I expected.

Eduardo's Peri-peri Flame-grilled Chicken Facebook Page
SM City Fairview - Upper Ground Level, Annex 1

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