Sunday, October 9, 2016


New is brutal, it doesn't care if it is hurting someone or making someone look bad. For as long as it is spreading information... it will not care if someone is crying or someone has been embarrassed.

Some of the news are true but some are also not, some are fabricated and some are genuine. Always keep in mind that the news' objective is to feed your mind something to believe in. It doesn't care if it is feeding you the wrong information, for as long as it is feeding you... "News" is very happy. The worst thing is 90 percent of the news are negative, it talks about problems which is not healthy for anyone's mind. That is why successful people's advise is don't listen to the news so your mind will not be polluted. And it works, have an experiment, don't listen to the news for one week and you will feel better. It is simply because negativity causes a lot of stress.

Any news that is controversial will work, this what the news anchors and reporters love to expose because it will cause a high ratings. They don't care if you're popular or not, for as long as they can attract the people's attention... they will say whatever they needed to say. Even the lies, they will spread it.

If you're a celebrity or a well know personality, don't make actions that will attract a lot of attention or else you will be the headline of news tomorrow. News can reach the farthest places on heart. It has wings, it is very fast and you can't stop it. Once it is released it will poisoned the minds of people, it is like a deadly disease that can spread so fast. Even if you know what really happens, the news will add something to the story or cut some parts of it so it will be more interesting. It is like a directed movie, it's purpose is to make people react and engage.

It is true that some news are true but most of it are edited. If you're an honest politician but the news channels heard something bad about you, they will immediately make a story about you. They will spread it to the public without knowing the truth. They will just release the story so they can gather a lot of audience. In short, they are really after the ratings.

A lot of people were so addicted to news, they don't know that it has a negative impact in their lives. It eats a lot of their time, it makes them judge other people without further investigating about the truth. News will make you very judgemental, you will judge other people according to what you've heard from the news, you will not have any second thoughts. You will assumed that what you heard is the reality. You are hypnotized, you can't think for yourself anymore, you can't make a wise judgement because your mind has been influenced.

I am not telling you to stop watching news, it also has some good contributions. It makes you aware about the latest typhoon and who is the suspect of the latest crime but other than that... it is full of bullshits.

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