Saturday, October 8, 2016


Everyone is expecting and wishing for things to be easy, that is what everyone do that is why a little difficulty makes them freak out. Even the simplest things that only needs a little bit of effort and thinking makes them stressed. What is even funnier is a little change that affects their daily routine makes them mad and stressed.

You should accept the fact that life is really hard and that random events may happen anytime. If there comes a time where you really work hard for something and achieved it, it is still not permanent, it is still not yours, someday it can be taken away from you by random events. Your work can be gone, your money may ran out if you invest it in bad investments or use it in a wrong way. I am not being negative here, I am just saying that anything bad can happen and you should be ready so you will not breakdown once you experienced a sudden change in your life.

You should always be ready to move. This is the best thing to do, movement should be your default so if anything happens may it be good or bad, you have a mindset of doing something to make your position better. If nothing bad is happening yet, you should still move and strive more to have a better life. Because the the reality is movement is the only solution to any problem. Everybody needs to move to avoid depression and insanity. The logic is very simple, move and your status will change.

Never relax. This is the biggest mistake that you can ever do. If you think that your status in life will never change so it is ok to relax for a few weeks then you are in trouble my friend. The world is changing everyday, you never know. Today your situation is good, your life is good, your financial status is good but one day anything can go wrong. So if you are living like a Don right now and thinking that you already made it... you better think again. I am not scaring you, I am just waking you up and showing you the reality.

Just accept that life is hard so everything will be easy. Even if you are in an easy situation for the moment, always be ready that some unexpected events could happen. It is not about being negative, it is just being tough that no matter what you can adapt to any situation and still be on the right mindset.

So avoid complaining and just do the right thing, just do what you are supposed to do. Because at the end of the day, if they didn't agree to your terms, you are still forced to move and take actions or else... your life will suck.

If your boss or your team transfer you or traded you to another team... don't feel so bad. Of course you will feel disappointed because you're just a human but never let that bad emotions stick with you for a very long time. Take time to recover maybe three days or one week, do what you need to do to find your motivation and go back stronger, work harder and prove them that they are wrong. Prove them your worth and make them feel regretful about letting you go. Be a huge success, that is the best way to make a revenge. Don't hurt them physically or verbally, hurt them by being greater than them.

Different situations that are hard but you can overcome:

1. Change of schedule in your work. There is nothing you can do about it, if you boss tells you that you will work this time or that time all you can do is follow him. If not then be ready to leave the company and find another work that will not give you a rotating schedule. You should be happy because you have still work and you can still feed your family. If a sudden change in your schedule occurs... be ready to embrace it and be thankful that they just change your schedule and they did not kick you out from the company. It is still positive, yeah it is a little bit hard because you have to adjust but you will be thankful for it in the long run, you just need to look at what it brings to you.

2. Increase of work load. If your work is very easy now it can be harder tomorrow because of unexpected changes. Being tired is only in your mind, yes your work may get harder and may get longer but what you can do? it is part of life, a company or organization that is growing needs to do more. You're not here to just sit around and play warcraft during office hours, expect the unexpected. Every company wants to be competitive, if you don't want to get left behind then be ready to do a massive work. Be ready to do more for your company if you want to stay or have a better position.

3. Required to learn a new skill. Sometimes in life whether you like it or not you need to learn a new skill because it is required for your job. You have no choice but to learn, sometimes there is no training provided, you have to learn it by yourself. Don't feel bad because it is for your own good, aren't you happy that you are learning something? aren't you happy that you are growing? yes, you will be stressed if you are learning a new skill but that is just the part of the process. Learn so you can earn.

4. Fall of the economy (the news said). A lot of times the negative news will tell you that your country's economy is going down but the question is did you die after hearing the news? Did it really affects your life? did your beard grows longer after hearing the news? The news' objective is to scare people, the economy of your country is stable as long as it is not involved in any war. Keep working and never mind those fake news.

5. Responsibility in family. Sometimes your mother will ask you a favor even if you already have your own family. Sometimes your closest cousin or friend will ask for help. You can say no if you want to. But what if part of you wants to help them? it only means you really wanted to help so go for it. Help them. It is uncomfortable and irritating especially if you are relaxing at your house. But that is what life is all about, helping each other. Make sure you will only help people that is close to your heart, don't help everyone and try to become a martyr because you will explode in the end.

The more you experience bad things, the more you will become stronger. You should accept that life is tough and you should be ok with it. The more you think that life is hard and it is normal the more you will enjoy life. Because if you get used to randomness, increase of work and unexpected changes... you will become something, you will be one of these people who is not scared to live life. Everybody is sick and tired of their lives, don't be one of those bastards.

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