Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Biscocho Haus Toasted Mamon for Merienda

When it comes to pasalubong or delicacies from Iloilo City, Original Biscocho Haus is the place to be. One of their products is Toasted Mamon (sponge cake). It's crunchy-soft mamon that's nearly the consistency of a cookie. Biscocho Haus Toasted Mamon is light, not too sweet, freshly baked, yummy and best paired with hot coffee. Toasted Mamon pack roughly costs ₱50.00 or $1.25. Oh my I can eat half of this!

Original Biscocho Haus started in 1975 by Dr. Carlos Guadarrama and Teresa Jalandoni-Guadarrama. Their pioneer products are Butterscotch, Banana Marbles, Falletas, and Biscocho. But as time passes by their product line of sweets, breads and pastries had doubled, Original Biscocho Haus offers Piaya, Barquillos, PinasugboYemasBarquiron, Galletas, Ensaimada, Cheese Roll, Banana Cake, BaƱadas, Caramel Boat Tart, Mango Tartlets, Pili Tart, Polvoron, Garlic Bread, Butter Toast, Merengue and many more! My personal favorites are Merengue, Butterscotch and of course Biscocho!!! Source: Original Biscocho Haus Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/OriginalBiscochoHaus

My father is Ilonggo, I have been in Iloilo City only once when I was about 10 years old during the famous Dinagyang Festival. I love Iloilo, I love Pancit Molo, La Paz Batchoy and most especially all the sweet delicacies that Iloilo offers!!! They say that Ilonggos are very sweet, fearless, strong, and loves sweets or desserts. I guess I got my sweetness and addiction to desserts from my father!

Original Biscocho Haus... Don't go home without it! To know more about Original Biscocho Haus visit their Facebook Page.

What is your favorite Original Biscocho Haus goodie...? Share it! 
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working mama said...

one of my fave Ilongo delicacies

Rochkirstin Santos said...

I know the BICHO Restaurant in Hong Kong but certainly it does not sell these biscocho toasted mamon hehe.

Wow, I can't even finish two of them maybe while you can finish half. :P Probably it tastes that amazing!

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