Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Addition to Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza Collection

Lasagna Pizza

 This afternoon I was with my best-friend Arcelie, we watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 on the big screen for the second time and lots of window shopping, when we got hungry we decided to dine-in at Pizza Hut. The staff offered us their additional new flavor to their Tuscani Pizza Collection. I made a blog post previously about Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza Collection, I just tasted one of the five pizza flavors that they offer, and now they got 6 flavors already. 4-Cheese Lasagna Pizza is the new member :) it has lots with parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella and cream cheese. The staff mentioned twice that it really is taste like Lasagna Pasta but it's in a crust! You can have it in Medium 10" - 349.00php or $8.31 and Super Family 14" 549.00php or $13.10.
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Christeen said...

felt hungry now :)

Catherine said...

Dear Loretta, Sounds good. Thank you for your visits. I always look forward to them. Blessings, Catherine

Gillette said...

I'm lucky to have permanent readers like you guys! Thanks! @Catherine my name is not Loretta, I'm Gillette!


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