Friday, November 25, 2011

Preggy Chihuahua

Pregnant ChihuahuaPregnant Chihuahua

We are just counting days or even hours before Chewy, our long-coat Chihuahua gave birth. At first, the whole family is not 100% convinced that Chewy is pregnant not until this day... Because all of the sudden her tummy got bigger though it's not totally huge compared to other pregnant dogs, her weight is more heavier than usual, when we touch her tummy we can feel that there's something inside and we guess that it would be two puppies, and most of all when she's lying down like a mannequin her tummy is moving abruptly, the puppies are moving!!!

Pregnant ChihuahuaPregnant Chihuahua

I will absolutely update you about Chewy's pregnancy, for the meantime you can check my other post about Chewy here: Chewy's weekly bath and Chewy after her bath.
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