Saturday, August 13, 2011

Game 3 - PBA 2011 Governors' Cup Finals

Watching PBA 2011 Finals

That's me, got my souvenir photo while watching PBA 2011 Governors' Cup Finals - Game 3, Petron Blaze Boosters versus Talk N Text Tropang Texters. This is my first time to watch PBA live at the front row! Yipeee! I'm with Adelbert and his two siblings Kuya Eric and JC. I will be alot happier when it would have been my favorite PBA team of all time, Barangay Ginebra!

PBA 2011 Finals Tickets

Ticket prices are 860.00php Court-side, 600.00php Patron, 550.00php Lower Box A and 500.00php Lower Box B.  Sorry I didn't get all the prices!

I remember way back when I was in high school my family and I were a big fan of Barangay Ginebra (*until now of course), we watched their games and cheering for them, shouting out loud "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Ginebra!" We only had General Admission or Upper Box tickets back then, barely seeing the players in action, but despite of that we really enjoyed it!

PBA 2011 Finals
Petron Blaze

PBA 2011 Finals
Talk N Text

Two teams warming up!

Big cube Screen
Big Cube

Big Cube, it's a four side LED screen hanging in the middle of Smart Araneta Coliseum. Really big and impressive!

Watching PBA Live
Adelbert & Gillette

The first half of the game is exciting and both team are performing well. I got bored on the second half, Petron Blaze is not doing good while Talk N Text keeps on scoring and almost all team members are shooters! Final score 105 points for Petron Blaze and 132 for Talk N Text.

The experience is fascinating, you can see all the players' moves and strategies. Would love to watch PBA again at the front row with my favorite team Barangay Ginebra.
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Baller lover said...

Go TNT!!! Petron just go home and plant some carrots, Hi lette is your BF a baller too!looks like he can play basketball the way he looks!!!

Grundy90 said...

PETRON can still do it, why don't you tell the TNT that they should be the one who plant carrots? a team of gays and losers, remember what mark yee did? common, it doesnt mean you guys are ahead of a single game and you are very sure that you will become champions. You cannot win the grandslam I guarantee you that!!!!

Baller lover said...

Its just part of the game, you guys are giving different meanings of the beahvior of Mark Yee. the guy has a very deep passion for he game don't judge him!!!

Grundy90 said...

enough is enough!!!!!!! PETRON WILL WIN 4-2

lette's haven said...

Hi guys... Thnx for visiting my blog, any comments are welcome!

@Baller lover my boy plays basketball, he loves it actually and he's a good player! :)

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