Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fresh Lumpia at Quiapo, Manila

My aunt, sister and I headed to Quiapo yesterday June 7, 2011. Our main agenda is to buy vintage necklaces and rings that my sister sells at her school. Before getting to the real deal we decided to head first at our all time favorite lumpiang sariwa (fresh spring roll) house.

Globe Lumpia House

Globe Lumpia House is the very famous lumpia eatery in the Metro, it is located in Raon, Quiapo, Manila  It only offers fresh lumpia, mineral water and soft drinks. The lumpia cost only 16.00php and most customers here order a double or more.

Globe Lumpia House

Here's the inside view of the eatery, jam packed with people waiting for their orders and others are waiting to get seats. Good thing we order to a take-out and need not to wait for long. While waiting I recognized their walls full of photos of many celebrities who have been here.

Fresh Lumpia
Kuya is preparing all the lumpia as fast as he can.

Fresh Lumpia
Lumpia vegetable filling

Lumpia sauces

These are the ingredients for this famous lumpia, sweet sauce, garlic sauce, hot sauce, peanut (from top to bottom), the vegetable filling, wrapper and fresh lettuce.

When we went home, sure thing is to unpack and prepare the lumpia immediately.

Fresh Lumpia

Fresh Lumpia

Very yummy excellent lumpia, it's so tasty, all ingredients compliments each other, soft and tender vegetables but not overcooked, garlic and peanut sauce is perfect! The sauce completes this masterpiece!

Try this wonderful mirienda when you stop by at Quiapo.
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Anonymous said...

love this site lette well done! and im missing this lumpia, looking at it makes my mouth watery :)- alol

lette's haven said...

thanks tita alol for your comment. hope you visit my site regularly and if you could also follow me thru google friend connect that would be great...! hehehe... thanks again! =)

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