Tuesday, October 18, 2016


A lot of people still believe that making excuses will make their life better. They thought that they can get away by making a lot of excuses, they still can't see that making excuses will only make their situation worse, the funny thing is they live their life with those excuses and it seems like they can't move on. They can't progress because what they see is negativity, they can't accept the reality. 

If you want to thrive in this competitive and cruel world then you better not make excuses, instead you should find solutions, you should find ways how to make your life better. Because the reality is solutions have larger number than excuses. The only problem is people don't want to move, they want to complain more instead of doing something about their situation. 

Solutions are everywhere, it can be executed anytime, it can be used anytime. You can use the solutions that were proven effective and you can also make solutions on your own. Any solution is a solution if you will use it and stick to it until it solves the problem. 

Let's use poverty as an example. People made a lot of excuses why poverty exists. Especially the people who came from poor background and still in poor situation. They will blame the government, the economy, their parents etc. etc. They don't see the millions of solutions that is already in front of them. They can't see it because they don't believe in it. Even if you lack educational background, you can still find a job and earn some money so you can remove yourself from the statistics of poverty. There are millions of jobs out there, all you need to do is look for it. Of course if you are not qualified for the job then you should study a little bit, gather information how to do it and when you feel confident enough that you can do it then go and apply for it. Ask people who does it and how to do it, take notes, asking is free. If some people were very sarcastic and are not answering you the right way then look for other people who will give you the right answers. The help is out there if you will look for it, there will always be some people who will teach you, only if you are willing to exert an effort and help yourself. 

And even if you can't find a job, you can still find ways how to make money, find something you can sell and sell it. Even garbage can be sold, you can earn money from waste materials, so do it. And if you are not satisfied being a garbage collector then it is time to establish your own business. Just save some money, always be patient and then look for better business that will improve your status in life. it will take time but if you have a vision and you really wanted to escape poverty then you can do it. 

If you are an undergrad person wanting to make it in life, never lose hope, never make excuses because that shit will only weaken you. All you have to do is apply for a job that you think you can do, even if you are not qualified for the job, you can still get that job. There is something in faith and repetition that not everyone sees. Once you repeat something for so long and you never get tired of doing it... the universe will quit and grant your wish. 

So if you are applying for a secretary and they want a fresh grad but you are not a fresh grad... continue applying for that job, pass your resume to at least 100 companies. If no one hires you then pass for another 100 and another 100 and another 100 until the universe gets tired and give you what you want. The key here is you should not get tired, you should wait for the universe to get tired so it will grant you your wish. Trust me, I've been there before. I've applied for a position over and over again until I get the job. I never lose hope, I never stop and that is why I am already successful. 

Any solution that you can think of is right, it will give you the answer, it will put you in a better position. So once you think of a solution, do it right away, you may not get the results that you want fast but for sure the solution that you execute will show you the way, it will connect the dots. You will eventually arrive in your destination if you are patient enough. Always remember that there are millions of solutions and all solutions will show you the way, forget about the excuses because it will only make your situation worse.

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