Tuesday, October 18, 2016


If you are in the process and you try a drill or technique or something, you will wonder if it will work or not, you will look for immediate results, you will look for the improvement or benefits. But the thing is this... you will not see if something is working if you will not try it for a very long time.

The reality is everything will work, every technique or style will give you and advantage, it will make you successful if you will use it long enough. But what if you are really impatient of getting the results? what if you want to see progress right away? if you are impatient and you have this kind of attitude then what you must do is listen to your feelings, listen to your gut, look if what you are doing is making you feel good and if it is then stick with it.

Because some techniques are really effective but will make you not use it forever because it is not congruent to how you feel, you feel bad about using it, you never enjoy using it and you want to do something else. And if you feel that you wanted to do something else it means there is something wrong in what you are doing. Because in anything that you do, you should find the joy in it so you will do it forever.

Take pushups as an example, for sure it will make your body better, it will give you bulky and strong muscles, it will make your chests and biceps grow bigger but the question is... are you willing to do it forever? are you going to make a consistent effort to produce results using it? It is proven to give results but why is it that not all people are using it? because they find other ways, they find alternatives that they can use and is making them feel better. That is why they are lifting weights because it is more fun to them doing it.

What you need to do is find something that will make you feel better, if you think it is working even if the results are not showing yet then for sure it is working. Find a drill or technique that will give you fun and at the same time will make you believe that it is working because even if a drill is fun but somehow not making you believe that it is working then for sure it will not work.

There are also techniques that for sure will work but if it is also not giving you the belief that it will produce results then it will not produce results, you are just wasting your time doing it. The idea here is to look for the technique that will give you belief and at the same time will also give you fun while doing it, it will make life easier for you, you will stick to the process and eventually you will get enormous results.

There are also some techniques that looks stupid to many and it seems like it will not give you any results but somehow it will give you results because you really love doing it and you also believe that it will make you successful.

The conclusion here is belief and enjoyment, if you believe that it will work and you feel good about it then for sure it will give you the results that you are expecting. Stop complicating the process, stop making your life complex, just look for the fun and establish the belief.

But what if you really believe that it is working and you are having fun doing it but it is not giving you the results? the answer is very simple... do it longer, push harder and feel a little pain, it simply means you are lacking the effort and push. You have to put a little stress so that you will be able to hasten the process.

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