Tuesday, October 18, 2016


If you've been doing something for so very long then people will trust you, people will let you do the job, they will put their faith in your hands and they will allow you to take control of the situation. That is why big companies prefer to hire people with huge experience than a fresh rookie who hasn't went to a war yet. They knew that experience is better than potential. They are willing to pay higher money for a qualified person than to hire a cheaper one that still needs some coaching.

If you have a proven track record that you did a lot of work from the past about a specific thing then you already proven your worth, people will immediately believe your capabilities and they will believe in every single word that you say. It doesn't matter what work it is that you know, what matters is you do it for a very long time and you become very good at it.

Time is a very strong ally if you use it wisely, if you use it to become very good at something then you can become a legend. For example, if you are playing guitar for 10 or 15 years without missing a single day then for sure you are one of a kind, maybe your skill level is the same as Slash or Jimi Hendrix, especially if you are serious at improving everyday.

If someone asks you how long you've been working on a specific thing and you say 5 or more years, that person will immediately say "Wow". People loves time, people loves something that lasts for so long, they knew that you've put a lot of work and you are already a professional. They will give their trust to you, they will never question your ability to finish a task.

So if you want to have a name at something, if you want to be considered as a legend in a particular subject then do it for so long, become very good and passionate about it. People will recognize your work, they will feel that you are serious and you really know what you are doing. And of course, if you are doing something for so long, you will be very good at it, your skills will be developed very well, you skills will turned into talent.

The longer you do something, the larger your name will be. More opportunities will be attracted to you, you will gain a lot of trust from others unlike a rookie who is just making his name, you already have a name especially if you have a reputation of producing epic results.

But also, you should really be good and not just some kind of a bum who has a lot of experience but is not taking his work seriously. There are some people who've been a veteran in their field but still producing mediocre works, those people remain the same, they never progress, they never make enough money.

Be someone whose people will look up to, be iconic and act like you're the greatest.

So if you are just starting at something, let's say you are pursuing a passion or you are establishing your own brand and idea. Just do it for so long, do your best everyday, time is so fast, time is a good ally. If you really love what you do, time will fly so fast and you will not notice that you are already a legend.

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