Tuesday, October 18, 2016


What is your goal in life? what do you want? and what is the reason for not getting it? 

You can make thousands of excuses but the reality will be revealed in the end, if you didn't get it, it means you don't want it bad enough. It means you are thinking of other things, it means you doubted yourself, it means you rest for a very long time when you get tired, it means you already think of giving up when things go harder than expected. As simple as that, because if you really want it then you will get it. There is no excuse for not getting it, you can cry, you can complain but where those shits can lead you? NOTHING.

Because if you really want it then you will die for it, you will be able to do impossible things, you can create miracles. You will do irrational things that are needed for success. You will leave yourself no choice but to keep going. You will push until you can't push anymore, you will grind until you can't move anymore. 

You will stick to the pain no matter what until something shows in your way. 

Not getting it means you become lazy for a few days while you are on your journey, you become hesitant, you doubted yourself and you think about going back, you think about doing some easier things. And those are the main reasons why you didn't become successful, you don't want it bad enough, you want some other things that are very easy to get.

Because if you really want it bad enough, you will feel a lot of pain, you will experience a lot of stress, you will look crazy, you will look sick. But nothing can torn you down because wanting it bad enough will make you stay alive, it will give you power when you feel so weak, it will give you hope when everything else is falling down, it will give you strength to take one more step and another and another until you finally arrived at the last stage.

So don't ever make excuses that it is not for you that is why you didn't get it. You didn't achieve it because you don't want it. Stop fooling other people and making yourself look good even though you didn't win, stop acting like the world is unfair and you've been victimized. If you didn't win then it means your effort is not enough, as simple as that, no explanations needed. 

You have to want it like a maniac that is very thirsty for victory, you have to want it like there is no more second chance, you have to want it like it is your only way of winning. You have to want it like you will die if you didn't get it, that is the only way to do it. Because if you will not push the envelope and face all the pain that is on your way... you will never reach the next stage, you will never see what is on the other side of the wall. 

Work harder than anybody else, repeat more than anybody else, it doesn't matter if it takes forever to win, what matters is you are trying so hard to win. You have to show the universe that you really wanted to win so it will believe in you and grant you the success that you deserve.

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