Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The reason why you are living a difficult life is because you make everything as a big deal, you treat the smallest thing as a big deal. You want to make dramas, you always complain, you never appreciate the bad things as a part of your life. You cry and act like a victim if you were treated unfair, you whine like a bitch everytime you feel a little pain. It is crazy because if you will think deeper, you will find out that whining and bitching is not giving you any help, it is only making you feel badder.

A lot of people will make it a big deal when they feel a little headache after hours of working at the office. They will tell it to the world, spread it on facebook, complain to their wife, they will try to get as much sympathy as they can so they can feel a little important. It is normal to have a headache after working for so long and placing your eyes at your computer, what is different about that?, there is no need to make it a big deal. If you are doing this stupid thing just to get an attention then you are so weak, why will you tell it to the world that you are feeling bad? it is just a waste of time, will it make you feel better? will it make you rich? the more you talk about your pain, the longer it will stay in your body. Don't try to get sympathy because it is not helping you, it is making you look very weak.

Some athletes are not really athletes, some of them are complainers. They will complain that their body is aching after brutal hours of work at the gym. Of course your body will ache, your muscles are getting bigger, your body is leveling up that is why it is feeling some pain. It is not a big deal to feel a little pain so don't ever complain that you can't train again today because your body is aching. It is normal if you are building something, there is no big deal in feeling a little pain.

It is normal to feel stress if you are pursuing something, you can't achieve something if you will not feel stress. Don't every make everything a big deal because it will only make your life harder, things will get heavier, your approach in life will become negative. Everything is normal, it is part of your life, it is part of the process.

A lot of people gets mad when someone cuts them in a traffic, well that shit is really bad but what can you do? are you going to pick up a fight? are you going to berzerk and show people that you are angry and you want some blood? What if you killed someone? or what if you got killed? This world is not perfect, there are really stupid drivers out there, there are many disrespectful people in this planet. But what you need to do is don't ever step into their level, you know better so you should do better. Don't ever give time to people who were not doing any good in this world, it will only make your life miserable. Meeting disrespectful people is normal, if all people in this world is kind then this world is abnormal. Get use to it because you will meet more disrespectful people in your life. If you have the ability to disregard them then your life will become easier and lighter.

The reality is you are the one who is making your life hard by complaining and noticing things that are not worth noticing. If you will just place your attention in more positive things then you will have an easier life. There is no need to complain if it doesn't threaten your life, there is no need to get angry if you've been disrespected, there is no need to feel bad if you feel a little pain. Those things are normal, it is part of your life and you can't get away with it. You will still feel a lot of those things in the future so you better accept it now and don't be scared or irritated by those things.

And of course you will really feel bad sometimes, it is normal because you're just a human being. But before you get loud and explode, always think that was it really a big deal? was it destroying your life completely? If it is not then just accept it and try to feel better by just being cool and calm.

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