Tuesday, October 18, 2016


A lot of facts were spread in this world about how to do this and how to do that. I think the world knows better than you, they know what is good for you and you have to follow them or else they will scrutinize you if you don't succeed. They have presented facts that are well documented and they are very sure that it is going to work for you, but the question is what if it didn't?

So the best thing to do is forget about their facts and make your own opinion, make your own judgement. Try your own opinion and make it work until it become a reliable fact.

Because not all the facts that are proven in the past will work for you. For others it may work but it can also not work for you. Not all facts are effective so it is better to follow your own instincts and make the best out of your own opinion. Because at the end of the day, when all are going to an end... you will have regrets if you didn't believe in your own ideas.

It is not about tying to look a genius or something, it is not about being a rebel and trying to prove that you are the best. You just want to try your own invention, you just want to test your own decision making and see if you are good enough to go on your own.

If you don't feel good about the presented idea, don't follow it. You are the one responsible for your own life, if you made a mistake then so be it. If they make you feel guilty about not following them, just ignore them. If they can't accept that you can't follow their rules and execute their ideas then it is their problem not yours.

You are a unique individual and you are allowed to create your own facts. You are free to make your opinion a well established fact, but also keep in mind that you also have to prove that your ideas are real and it can work for anybody else. You can't just present any opinion that is obvious that is fake and will not help anyone. Make sure that your intention is good and not to just impress people and become popular.

The idea here is being free to try your own ideas and make it work. You can't just keep your idea and become silent for years without even trying it because you will have a lot of regrets in the end. Especially if you see someone who also have the same idea as yours and he become successful because he is not afraid to share his ideas to people.

So strike  now and move fearlessly, execute your own ideas, make your opinions a well established fact that people may use for the future generations. Don't be afraid to look different, if you feel something about your opinion and the feeling is really good... never hesitate to show it to the world.

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