Tuesday, October 4, 2016


There are some realities about success, if you are just new to success or haven't been successful yet. I have here the different realities to remind or share with you so you can prepare your mind once you experience some of these things. Success is not simply how you saw it, it is complicated but once you get lost, all you need to do is go back to your roots and values. Remember the reasons why your tried to become successful and also what is your biggest why for maintaining it.

1. Success is not permanent. If you've taste your first success then don't get complacent, you can celebrate for a short time but you have to work hard immediately. Success is very hard to get but also very hard to maintain. If you've already earned millions then you should not feel comfortable. If you think that you don't need to work hard anymore because you already have a lot of money then you are in trouble my friend. Even if you already have a lot of money, do nothing for a couple of months and you're already going down, you're on your way to failure. The worse thing is you think you are in control and you think you will be able to go back on top again very fast, it will be very hard for you to get back on the winning track because the success habits is not there anymore.

Never think that success is permanent because that is a mortal sin. You still need to work hard if you want to maintain it. You still need to sweat because success never stay on people that are doing nothing and expecting everything.

2. You need to work harder once you become successful. You need to work harder, you need to earn more because there are some cases where your lifestyle will change. You will buy more expensive clothes, eat on a fancy restaurant and engage in hobbies that are expensive. Once you earn more money, your expenses will also become bigger but it still depends on you, some people still maintain the same lifestyle before they become successful. But if you are one of these people who wants to try everything in life then you still need to work harder because you're already on a different level.

3. You don't need to talk about success. Some people who are just starting to become successful are needy of attention. Once they buy something big or earn big money... they want everyone to know it which is wrong because chances are people might get jealous with you and attack you in the back. They will even borrow some money from you and you will have a hard time dealing with them. You don't need to talk about success, people will notice if you are really successful, you don't need to publicize it. Stay humble so you will be in lesser trouble.

4. Fake friends will come into your life once you are successful. This happens to every person that became successful, there are fake friends that will enter your backyard without permission. They have hidden agenda which is to get something from you. At first you thought that they have pure intentions but you will see later that they are attacking you and sucking your energy.

Always be careful when you already became successful, a lot of mean guys out there wants a piece of your cake and will not give you anything back in return.

5. Success can change your attitude. It is either your head grows big or you become even more humble. You will never have the same attitude when you became successful. You may become arrogant because you think you're better than others and you feel powerful, it is normal but make sure it will not back fire at you in the end, You may also become humble because you feel pity for people that are struggling, you may want to help them because you already seen success, you are seeing yourself in them when you are just starting your journey.

6. You need to become more careful once you became successful. A lot of friends and relatives might get jealous with your status in life. Sometimes the closest person in your life will be the first one to attack you. You need to be more cautious and be aware of the people around you and how they treat you when you're not around. Success is not how sweet as it sounds, there will always be hate beside it trying to destroy the happiness that you are experiencing.

7. You need to become selfish FIRST if you wanted to become successful. It may sounds bad but it is true, I thought at first when I heard it from someone who's already successful that it is not true. You need to become selfish in your time so you can do more, grow more and find more opportunities. You need to become selfish with your money because you need to invest it in business or any other things that will create fortune. You have to become selfish first and become a huge success so you will have a lot of resources that you can use for helping other people in the end. You can't be generous if all of your resources were just enough for you.

8. You can define your own success. Success is not defined by other people but rather defined by only you. If you really believe that you achieved success and not just pretending that you are successful then it is true that you are successful. It is not about the cars, medals, trophies, houses, money etc. It is about how you feel because at the end of the day those properties will not mean anything. If you died very happy and fulfilled then you are really successful.

9. Success can turn you into a monster. If you let success controls your life then you will become a monster, you will not respect people anymore, you will not care about the rules anymore. Sometimes you are even doing illegal or unethical things just to become more successful. You are even using other people for your own good and treat them as garbage when you don't need them anymore. Stop being controlled by success rather control it.

10. Some people suffers amnesia once they became successful. They don't know who helped them when they are not yet successful, they don't know who are the people who they should be thankful of. Their head becomes very big to the point that all they know is themselves, they become very selfish, they become very bad. Some successful people even forget their own roots and will not give credit to the place where they came from. They will not even admit that they were only small or poor in the beginning.

Remember all the people who were on your side when you're not successful yet and the people who were just on your side when you're already on top. Success is meant to be shared and not to be kept. Because you can't even bring any of those properties when you are about to die. It is good to become successful but make sure you are also good to people. 

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