Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Life is all about putting your resources in the right place if you wanted to become successful. It is about using all of your resources the right way and never squandering it for useless and not so beneficiary things.

We all have our resources, everyone has his own resources. May that resources be small or big,  it is still a resources. But some people don't know that they have their own resources too, they are taking things for granted, they don't know how to use their resources in the proper place. They were making excuses, they feel like life is unfair and they were not blessed like others.

Just like for example the drug addicts, they have resources for buying illegal drugs but they will tell that their reason for using drugs is poverty, they said that they don't have anything to eat that is why they use drugs to forget their problem. How come they have money for buying drugs but they don't have money for buying food? how the hell did that happen? It only means they used their resources for wrong things, they were not thinking right, they were completely absurd. If they only used their money for drugs for other things that are more important then their lives will be much better than what it is now.

Look at some people who loves to collect things, some of them have no money but yet they can still afford to buy what they want. Their collection grows bigger and bigger every year. The explanation here is very simple, they use their resources to buy their collection. Maybe they eat less or spend less on other things so they can have bigger room for buying their collection. Once you focus on something and once you love what you are doing, it will grow regardless of the size of your resources. So there is no excuse that you don't have enough resources to do something big, you just use what you have for things that are not related to your dreams.

For example, a mother who gives here son $15 a day that is designated for his food and transportation expenses. The son always complain that his money is not enough, that he can only save $2 a day and he also keeps on eating the same food everyday. The son is always telling her mom that he has the oldest shoes in their school, his friends keep on insulting him. His mom can't afford to buy him new shoes because their money is budgeted and she can't think of new things to earn an extra income. The son loves video games and he always uses the $2 excess of his allowance to play at the nearest computer shop. He always think that he must reward himself with simple happiness because they were very poor and he needs to escape that poverty environment for a short time everyday.

See, the son of a bitch has still resources, the difference is he is not using his money to buy more important things, if he only saves the $2 excess from his allowance everyday then he may be able to buy new shoes one day. The son is a complainer and he wants instant gratification that is why he attracts poverty even more. His thoughts were focused on complains instead of thinking about bigger things. He always thinks about eating the same food everyday, his classmates mocking him etc. etc. He uses his energy for negativity and that is why he can't attract better things in life.

Where the focus go your reality will flow. This is not spiritual, this is not motivation or something. This is reality, this is tested and scientific. No further explanation needed for this statement. If you are focus on the positive things then chances are you will become excited, you will expect and you will take actions to get what you want. And of course you will get it because your mind is in the right place, your mind will make you do what is needed. Even if you fail at some times, you will still be able to take right actions because you never lose hope, your belief never diminished just for once.

Same as focusing on the negative things, focus on negatives and you will attract negative people, circumstances and problems. That is why it is better not to watch news because it will only make your mind polluted and poisoned. Look at the people who always complain... they were very updated about every news in the planet. They know who is the newest killer, the newest corrupt government official, the newest pregnant celebrity etc etc. They love negatives that is why they can't get rid of complaining and making negative comments.

So the question is where will you put your resources? Even if you don't have money, support, education etc. You still have a resources and that is TIME. Where will you put your time? you can put your time on finding solutions on how to make your life better or you can put your time on bumming around and joining people who already lost their trust in the universe. You can put your time on developing a skill and bettering yourself or you can put your time on destroying yourself and completely just waiting to die.

The choice is still yours, you still have the resources, you still have the tools. What you need to do is appreciate what you have and place your resources on the right place where you can make your position better than yesterday.

Don't be like others who always think that they have nothing, that they are poor so they will be poor forever. Don't be like others who have more but they think less. Always strive to grow your resources and put it in a place where you will grow and blossom like a flower in a field, like an orchid in a garden, like a worm that becomes a snake. It is really up to you, you don't need to look for what you don't have, you just need to use smart what you have.

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