Monday, October 3, 2016


Are working everyday? do you have work? and if yes, are you proud of your work? you should be because you dropped a lot of sweat from that, you exert an effort and you fully commit just to finish it. You continue despite of being tired, you act like a professional and you contribute something to the society.

A lot of people were not proud of their work, some reasons are:

1.) Their work is blue collar. Not all but some were not proud of their work because it is not an office work. You know what, it doesn't matter what kind of work you have for as long as it is legal and you are earning money without hurting someone. Any kind of work is still a work and you should be proud of it. It doesn't matter if you have the most disgusting work in the world for as long as you are happy with it and it is your way of providing for your family... be proud of it.

2.) Their work has low salary. This is insane, you are not here to work just to earn the biggest money. It is ok if your job has only a low salary, there is nothing wrong with that. If it is the only best you can have so be it. Be proud of it, love it so it will stay longer.

3.) The don't love what they are doing. You will only become very proud of your work if you love it and you want to do it everyday. I understand why some people are not proud of their work, it is simply because they hate it and they don't want to do it anymore. What amazes me is they still do it even if they are cursing it and they keep telling everyone that their work sucks.

Whatever your work is, no matter what your position is.. you should still be proud of your work. Be proud of your work because you work for it and you use your precious time for it. Some people were not proud of their work because they don't like the outcome or they think people are criticizing them, this is crazy because for as long as you know you give your best and you give time for it then there is no reason not to be proud of your own work.

There are only few reasons why you shouldn't be proud of your work, here are they:

1. Your work is sloppy. You just work just for the sake of saying that you did a work. You never give love for it, you don't care if it will look bad. You wanted to finish immediately just right before when you start. You don't care about the details, you don't care if it is wrong. You just work because your boss tells you so. You just work because you don't want to get fired. In other words you just work for formality and responsibility, you never add an extra ingredient to your work.

2. You rush your work. You should be ashamed if you rush you work because for sure it has a lot of mistakes. You rush your work because the deadlines is very close or because you simply want to do other things. If you really love your work and you care for it then you will not rush it, you will take your time and you don't care if you work extra hard for it.

3. You let others do the work for you. This is the most disgusting type of work. A work that is not done by you. If your participation for the work was just in the beginning and you let others finish it then you shouldn't be proud of it, you should not even take credit for participating. The meaning of work is finishing a task from beginning until the end. Your work cannot be called work if you only have some part of it.

Why you should be proud of your work?

1. You give your very best. You give your one hundred and one percent to the extent that you were very exhausted and you almost killed yourself. Even if your work is not that magnificent or not extraordinary, you will still become proud if it because you knew not everyone can match your effort, you knew everyone will not give their best. A lot of people can only give their 70-80 percent effort and they thought that they already gave their best.

2. You didn't ask for help. How can you not be proud of a work that was only done by you? I am not saying that is is not good to always ask for help, you may need help at some times but if you did a good work by yourself then you should really be proud if it. A lot of pussies nowadays will ask for help if they feel that the work is a little bit harder, they will not try to solve it first on their own, they will immediately ask for a helping hand.

3. If you use a lot of time for it. Not all people will work for a very long time, a lot of people were very impatient, they just want to finish right away or get results right away. If you work for something and you use months or even years to finish it then that is something that you must really be proud of. Time is the number one necessity to have a masterpiece.

4. You work despite of feeling bad. You are one of a kind if you work despite of being sick or feeling something bad. If you are emotionally down and you still manage to do your work then you are a hero, you should be given a medal. Our generation today is full of soft people, once they feel that something is aching in their body... they will start making excuses and will never work. Excuses such as toothache, slight fever, lack of sleep, a fight with girlfriend, dead pet etc etc. It is really hard to work if you have an injury or something bad happened to you, but you can't make excuses if you really want to accomplish something great in life.

At the end of the day, you know if you must be proud of your work or not, you know if you give your best, you know if you make a lot of sacrifices. People will see it in your work if you really give time for it.

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