Tuesday, September 27, 2016


You're not blind, your not dumb. You always know the truth, you just pretend that you don't know it. How come you don't know that hardwork is the only way to success? I know you know it but you are still looking for shortcuts, you are still looking for an easy work, and what did you get by having that kind of mindset? What did you get by ignoring the truth? nothing right? No matter how hard you ignore the truth and not give importance to it, you will still go back to it in the end. You will still go back to the truth and accept it.

You know that being yourself and doing the things you love is the only way to happiness but why are you still going outside of yourself? why are you doing the things that you don't really love? why are you doing the job that you hate? why are you associating yourself with people that you don't love or annoys you? you know the truth, you know what to do, stop pretending that you love your situation and you are ok with it. Go for the truth, go for it and do it.

You always knew what is good for your health, you always know the dangerous foods and eating habits. You are smart and informed, you knew it from the start yet you are not doing it. I don't know if you forgot it or you literally want to erase it in your mind. You know that puffing cigarettes everyday can make your lungs blackened and poisoned yet you think it is still cool. You know that eating a lot of meat and fatty foods will make your blood pressure go up to the highest level and yet you are still pretending that you're some kind of a dietitian that knows what is going on exactly with your body, you pretend that it is still ok and you are doing fine.

You always knew that not doing the right things right away will make your life suck but still you're a big fan of procrastination. You always knew it, you don't need to be reminded and yet you still do things later or tomorrow or even next year, what the hell did you get by doing that? And sometimes you are making a make believe fact that everything is under control and you can still make things right even if you do it later. You still believe that there is a right timing for everything, how can you know the right timing if you will not force yourself to do something.

You're a smart person, you always knew the truth but the sad thing is the truth can't set you free. You are the only one who can set yourself free and that is by following the truth. So if you are still living with false reality, you better wake up now before it's too late. The world is spinning, it will keep moving even if you are suffering, you can't make a good living by always lying.

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