Tuesday, September 27, 2016


If you are feeling so bad now, if you feel like the world is punishing you because of the stupid mistake that you just did... don't worry because it will all be gone. Just wait for a few days or weeks and all of those negative emotions will all be gone, all of those bad words that you always hear will soon be gone. All of the hatred from different people will soon be gone, just learn to endure it for a moment, enjoy it because you never know... it is not there tomorrow.

Nothing is permanent in this world, even hate, even riches, even the mightiest things and strongest leaders will not be able to sustain their lives forever. Everything has an ending. The longest winning streak ends, the longest suffering ends, the longest drought ends, the longest reign ends. No matter how hard you try to maintain something... it will come to and end.

So head up and put a smile on your face, feeling bad is not easy but it will be harder if you will pair your despair with a wrong mental attitude. Just always remember that everything has and ending, you can't rush it, you can't force it, the ending will come naturally, you don't need to always pray for it. The more you want it to end, the more it will try to stay so just relax and enjoy the ride.

Has it ever happen to you where you want to get rid of something but no matter hard you try you still can't get rid of it? You can't get rid of it because the worry is still there, the negative thought is still there. So always stay calm and try to have fun while weathering the storm. Because there is no such thing as a permanent storm, it will be over soon.

Problems are not there to stay forever, some problems may take time before it ends. It depends on how you handle it. The best way to make the problem go fast is to just accept it. If you can do something then do something but if you don't know what to do, just chill and pretend that you are ok. You can also focus your energy to something else so you will not be able to think about it every now and then.

Problem is only in the mind, it is never real. Some people have bigger problems but they don't even know that it is a problem that is why it never affects them. Some people solve their problems by just letting it go away naturally, they don't even do something about it. They let time solve it.

Worrying will just make the problem stronger. I don't know what is it with worrying and people are so addicted to it. Tell me honestly, has worrying ever solve your problems? The more you worry, the more you get crazy. And one more thing, don't you know that you can still smile even if you have big problems? There is no emotion that can restrict you from smiling, you are still allowed to smile even if you have the biggest problem in the world. You can still smile anytime you want. Tough people have the ability to still smile even if they world is punishing them. It is not faking toughness, they are just ok with what is going on with their lives and they knew that it will be over soon.

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