Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A lot of people were so confused or maybe they were just too picky and acting like they were celebrities. They don't know what they want, they were full of dramas and complexities. If you will ask them what they want, they will answer graciously "I don't know, only time will tell". They think that they have a lot of time so they can bum around figuring things out and acting like they were busy working on something. They were making people believe that they are preparing themselves for success. But the truth is, they were just procrastinating and trying to become successful without wanting to exert any effort at all.

I get it, sometimes people really don't know what to do with their lives, they don't know who they really are and they were completely lost. I get it but sometimes people were just making a lot of dramas or they were really bums. They were trying to make people believe that they have some problems and no one can solve it, even themselves cannot solve it, that is what they say.

So if you are one of these people who doesn't know what to do with their lives, here is what you need to do. Find the things that you don't want and strive to become the opposite. List the top three or five things in your life that you are so disgusted about and then learn how to get rid of it.

If you are poor and you don't want it, when I say you don't want it, you are cursing your life and you hated every situation, you hate having less and you are always being jealous of what other people have. Congratulations to you, you already knew what you want. Strive to become the opposite of poor. And what is that? it is simply being rich and abundant. And once you know that you wanted to become rich, you have to want it bad. Wanting it is not enough, you have to want it bad and take actions.

If you hate your body because it is fat then congratulations, you discover what you want. You want a nice and sexy body. Now that you know it do something about it. You know what to do to have a sexy body right? it is about diet and exercise. Now, what is it that you hate about the process of having a sexy body? if you hate dieting then you must do exercise and if you hate exercise then you must have a strict diet. If you hate both then what is it that you hate the most? if you hate exercise more then just focus on your diet. You can't eliminate both because nothing will happen in your body if you do so. Don't act like there is still another process. There are only two process for having a sexy and healthy body... exercise and diet. Choose between the two and don't stop until you achieve the body that you want.

So you hate your car huh? congratulations you specified what you want again, it means you want another car. You want a hotter and a more modern car. But what if you don't know what brand of car do you really like? very simple again, look for the cars that looks ugly to you and don't pick it. Pick the one that is somehow giving you a spark and attraction, as simple as that. And after picking what you want, you know what to do next right? take action and make money. If you don't know again what kind of action do you want to have money, very simple again... look for the jobs that you hate or business that you hate and don't engage with it. Life is pretty simple right?

You can make a very good decision by knowing what you don't want. You can make life pretty simple and straight to the point by specifying what you dislike. You don't like to go to jail? then be good and don't do stupid things. You don't want to get hungry? then work hard and earn money. You don't want a bad shirt then earn a lot and buy expensive shirts, very simple and no complications.

So start to look for what you don't want in your life and go for the opposite of it. That is the fastest way how to know what you really want. Because sometimes in life, if you want a lot you will not be able to specify what you like the most. Your being greedy makes you confused. The process of elimination will make you discover what you love the most.

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