Thursday, September 29, 2016


Sometimes you are not using things, sometimes things, events or people are using you and you don't know it. Maybe you know it but you are pretending that you don't know it so you will never feel uncomfortable. You are happy being used, you are happy being manipulated. But beware, you should start eradicating the problem now because you might explode in the end and you may not be able to control your emotions anymore.

So what are the things that are using you? be honest, admit it to yourself so you can get rid of it fast. Accept that you've been used in the past. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is you will not correct the mistake that is happening in your life now. Because if you will continue a life being used then you won't be happy, you will be disgusted with your life and you will feel very weak. It is like you wanted to escape but you cannot because you get use to being used so much, it is in your system already and it is very hard to remove it.

If you feel like someone or something is controlling you then you must take action immediately. You must take the power back and don't let something abuse you for so long. Because your life is truly yours and no one should dictate a tempo for you, you should be the one whose creating your own pace and decisions. Nobody should control you like a robot. You have your brain, you have your body and you are the only one who can make it operate.

Things that are might controlling you that you don't know:

1. Gadgets. You spend a lot of time using your gadgets everyday. May it be a cellphone, tablet, mp4 player or whatever it is that steals a lot of your time. You think you are enjoying but the reality is you are wasting a lot of time that could have been use for making your life better. Instead of using those gadgets why don't you look for money making websites online and try earning some cash. Or why don't you develop a skill that you can use in the future? Why don't you use your time bettering yourself so that you can have a more stable and comfortable life? You see the difference?

2. Self proclaimed gurus. Not all who's teaching you something is really teaching you. Some were just imposing their will and manipulating you for their own good. If a person that has a higher position than you is not giving you something that will help your situation then that person is just controlling you. Look at those coaches who has a favoritism on their team, they are not contributing to your development right? They never give you attention, they don't even appreciate your hardwork. So what you need to do here is just be yourself, don't listen to that coach but still don't infuse some negativity on your team. Don't say anything against him, just follow your heart when you are given a chance, take the ball and show all of your talents. Embrace the situation, give all you've got once you see the spotlight. Just like the professors in schools, some of them were just manipulating you, I am not saying all of them but some of them really don't want you to learn. They are just there to get some money and pretend that they are doing their jobs. be careful whom you you listen to. You will feel it if the professor is really concerned about your learning curve or not.

3. Friends that are parasite. Not all friends are really friends, some are just pretending that they are your friends but the reality is they only needed something from you. Be careful whom you associate your life with. Some friends will manipulate you to the extent that you are going down. They will suck your wealth, stab you at your back and leave you with nothing anymore. It is sad but it is what it is so always be aware of what is going on with your circle.

4. Medicines. You think that you are using medicines to make your health in place? well some medicines are really effective but if you come to the point where you can't live without a medicine anymore then you're already been controlled by medicines. If you can survive a day without taking any of those medicines then try to do it. Taking too much medicines will make you a walking zombie. You should only take medicines if it is the last resource to make your health better but if you can find an alternative then take the more natural option.

5. Television. You think you are using TV huh? think again. Look at you, look at your brain, it was consumed by different ads, it was consumed by a lot of negativity brought by news. You're not pursuing your passion anymore, you are becoming lazy. Television is using you, the television ads were telling lies to you so you will patronize their products. All of the ads were lies, is there really a healthy hotdog? is there a bacon that has no cholesterol? is there a sugar free ice cream? is there really a 5 minute abs? None of those products were true, you better wake up before it's too late. Not all what you see in television is right, you better cut the time you spent on television and be more of yourself.

6. Social media. You think you are controlling your account but no, your account is controlling you. How many hours you waste time on social media? did you earn something, did you learn something? and if yes, how did it contribute to your life? you will read a lot of negative comments, you will read a lot of gossips. Some of the news were not even true, it is just there to get some traffic for a particular website. I am not saying that don't use social media but be aware if it is already controlling your life.

7. What is going on around you. You were so concerned about what is going on around you, you were so concerned about who is the hottest celebrity now, who is the richest in the world, what is latest gadget, who is the last man killed. Those things were irrelevant to your life and it only brings nothing but negative thoughts. So don't care of what is going on around you, just focus on bettering yourself and building habits that will make you richer, stronger and tougher. Treat your mind as a temple, never let any negative thoughts enter it. You've been controlled by these events because it somehow affects your emotions, you feel like you've also been affected if something bad happens to other people. It is none of your business if people were destroying their lives, it is your duty to reach your potential and become successful in life.

There are more things that are using you, you just don't know it yet because you are enjoying a life being used by others. In the end you will learned that you've been controlled or manipulated but it is better if you will be aware of it now so you can rearranged your life and live a batter place. You own the remote control of your life, you should be the one controlling it and not others. Press the button that says "protected from outside influence", press the button that says "playing by my my own rules". Ignore the button that says "played by everyone". You can choose any button, you can press it anytime.

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