Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Quitting is what comes to people's mind when they face an adversity that is really tough and unbearable. Quitting is the best option but it will only turn into depression if you do it. Quitting will relieve the pain a little bit but you will forever regret it. It's over when you quit, you already killed the little hope and little chance that you still have. Yeah, the suffering ends but the chance of winning also ends.

Just hang on there even if it is really hard. Just do a little, believe a little, progress a little and sooner you will see that winning is still possible. Once you get that momentum, you gotta keep it going, you gotta keep the ball rolling. Even if it looks really impossible you should think that it is still doable.

Success is not attained by being talented, skilled or whatever. Success is attained by sticking to what you believe will work. It is just about hanging on to your chosen path, do whatever it takes to sustain it and just outlast everyone. Many people are quitters, they quit right away after the first or second try, they will never try as much as they can to make it on top. They want the easy path, they want to win right away, they don't know that perseverance is the number one key to success.

It's all about weathering the storm. You don't need to see the sun, you don't need to see the light. If you can learn how to dance in the rain then life will become pretty amazing. No challenges can break you, no rocky road can make you stop. It is like being able to smile even if the world commands you to frown. It is like being able to run in a very hot weather without slippers on your feet.

It is easy to hang on there. You just need to stay there and make little progress, you just need to take actions even if it seems irrational to keep going. Believe even if you can't see something, have faith even if it seems to be over. Because you have no choice but to hang on there if you wanted to survive and win in life. There is no other way around. No miracles can save you, no magic can help you.

People with the same path or ambition as yours will give up when they suffer a lot. They will change route, they will look for an easier way out. But you're not like them, you're different, that is why you will succeed. While others have packed up and say it's over, you are just getting started. People will label you as a crazy human being because you don't want to quit even if it is over, all you can say is "it is not over until I succeed".

All of you efforts will not be wasted. All  of you sacrifices, all of your hardwork... for now it may looks like it is not working but you will see in the end that all of it has a big contribution to your success. You may not see the progress now but if you keep doing your thing, if you keep on pushing... you will win big time and you can shout to the world "I did it".

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