Thursday, September 29, 2016


Sometimes in life you should let something out to get something better, you know what I'm saying? You should let go of people, things etc. so you can make a space for something better to enter your life.

Don't be scared to let go of things or people, sometimes it is necessary so you can move to another level. Do you want to keep the things that are no longer serving you? if you will do that then you will not find progress.

There are so many things in your life that are not serving you anymore, what's even worse is they are pulling you down. So let go of those things, don't be scared to let go. Nothing wrong will happen, you will be alright. And the good news is... having a better life will be possible, something better than yesterday, a life that is full of good emotions and success. It is not hard to let something go, all you need to do is detached any emotions from it and focus on the better things that are about to come.

If you want to learn something new then sometimes you have to buy a book. You have to let your money out so a new knowledge will come in. Never feel bad a bout letting your money out because bigger rewards will come if you gained some knowledge that will be very useful in your life. Again, you let go of something out then something better will come in.

Just like in emotions, you let go of hate, anger and fear and then good emotions will start to come in. Emotions such as joy, love, happiness, excitement will start to come in. It is a matter of what emotions you need to let out, it is a matter of what emotions to let go. The choice is yours, your emotions is your own choice, it is not other person's choice.

The rule is pretty simple, this game is just a matter of addition and subtraction. You subtract negative things in your life then you will add some positive things in your life. Pretty basic, I don't know why some people still can't get it. Some people were still being patient using the things that were already broken and associating their lives with broken people. They still think that they can progress even if they were surrounded by dysfunction. You will never grow if you have dysfunctional things and people in your backyard, it is time for you to let go and grow.

Let's take money as an example. If you are building a business, you have to let go out of your money first, you have to invest first then your money will come back to you later, it will be doubled or even tripled. How good was that?

Because you can't hope for a good life if you are not ready to leave something. That is why it is hard to change, people doesn't want to leave their bad habits because they were so fully in love with it. They want to change but they are not ready to let something go.

Look at those people who leave their own country to work for another country. They do it because they knew they can find a better job in some other places. They sacrifice, they let something out and that is being together with their family and they let something in which is more opportunity to earn more money and give their families a good future. It is pretty basic, you have to endure the pain of letting something out and then enjoy the better things that will come into your life. It is like an investment, it is painful at first but it is sweet in the end.

So find that is it that you must let go out in your life so you will be able to let something in. Find what is it and then let it go fast without feeling something for it. Let me remind you again that you want change in your life, you must take the necessary actions and do not invest in your emotions.

Because life is too short to keep things and people that are useless in your life. I think you are giving them too much favor and then you already lost the love for yourself, I hope you are not in that situation yet. I hope you can still see the things that are more meaningful to you.

And there will always be a replacement, you will not end up having nothing if you let something go out. You will still have something in return. Something will enter your life and it is much much better than the older one.

Let go of a bad relationship and you will find a healthy relationship with no backstabbing, manipulating and using. Let go of an old shoe and you will be able to afford a new shoe. Let go of a bad business and you will be able to build a much decent and abundant business. Let go of anger and you will find love.

Letting something go is difficult in the beginning but it will be smooth in the middle and very sweet in the end. You will see that your decision is right. You will see that your life is getting better. So don't feel guilty if you change something in your life especially if the change is for the better.

So if you are caught in a situation where it is really hard to let something go... Just think about the good things that may enter your life if you stop holding into something that is not serving you anymore. Imagine the finer things or people that will come and replace the weaker ones. You will have a very nice life if you can choose what to remove and what to approve. This is a matter of removing and attracting, you remove the negative and you will attract the positive, as simple as that.

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